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Gallery / Bathroom CGI's
« on: 2021-09-09, 17:02:44 »
Here's some of our recent bathroom images that were created for a client to display their wet-wall panels. The client provided a basic idea of the interiors they wanted to create with mood-boards of products and styles. Our interior team then elaborated and generated full interiors elevating the concepts to these exquisite designs.

The majority of the 3D was created in 3DSmax other than the cloth / towels which we edited with zbrush. These then had Corona Hair and Fur applied to give the material that softer look (Let us know if you want more details on this).
Final renders have been created using Corona and composition done in Fusion 16. Tweaks, colour accuracy + finishing touches in Photoshop.

Warm copper tones feature alongside dark, rich wood cabinetry and eye-catching Maltese patterned tiles in this bathroom scene.

A contemporary wet-room with wall-mounted cabinetry and a Crittall shower screen for a clean-lined industrial style.

A terrazzo wet-wall bathroom with a wider single-bowl vanity unit and slatted wood wall used to soften the lighting and add more complimentary wood textures.

More of our bathrooms >

Gallery / Vanity Cabinetry and Bathroom Fittings
« on: 2021-07-15, 15:55:56 »
We've recently completed a series of glamourous CGI's for a high-end American bathroom fitting brand. They provided us with distinctive interior layouts, to exhibit their new collection of luxury taps / faucets.
Our 3D artists modelled the eclectic props and interior furniture in 3DSMax, producing both close-up sink renders and full interior images.
As usual we've used 3DSMax and Corona renderer here with the colour adjustments and finishing touches completed in Fusion and Photoshop.

More of our bathroom images >

Gallery / Multiplex Edged Kitchen Cabinetry
« on: 2021-05-27, 17:05:55 »
When our client sent the layouts over for these ply-edged cabinets, we knew we had to produce first class 3D with brilliant composition. By featuring a contrasting multiplex edge on these modern slab grey doors, the design becomes instantly more interesting without adding cost with more expensive cabinetry.

3DSMax and Corona used on these with edits and finishing touches in Fusion 16 and Photoshop.

More of our kitchen CGI >

Gallery / Modern Mediterranean Kitchen Interior
« on: 2021-04-23, 11:15:56 »
With homeowners becoming more adventurous with their colour choices, our client commissioned this CG imagery to show off their new red cabinetry. The bold colour palette really draws the eye, emphasizing the creative feature island which incorporates dining seating and a wine rack. Our interiors team elevated the clients design and applying a modern mediterranean style, which particularly works well with the excellent woodgrain textures and encaustic tiles.

3DSMax here with Corona renderer, additional colour fixes and retouches in Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

More kitchens in this range >

Gallery / Kitchen of the Year 2021
« on: 2021-04-08, 16:56:19 »
We realise that the post title is a bold claim, but our CG images collected a couple of awards in this years Ideal Home magazine awards, including the coveted prize of “Kitchen of the Year”.

We had the pleasure of designing the kitchen layout, styling and CG production on this one. We used 3DSMax, rendering in Corona and made some additional tweaks and post production in Fusion Studio 16 & Photoshop.

Full image set and more details about the interior design and layout >

Gallery / Appliance Flame Simulation
« on: 2021-03-26, 18:16:26 »
We've been experimenting with Chaos' Phoenix fluid dynamics plugin, simulating gas burner flames in a CG animation. We're quite pleased with the outcome.
If anyone is interested we've written up a page that gives a bit more insight into the process >

Gallery / Hidden Home Office
« on: 2021-03-17, 11:04:18 »
This one is a bit more of an interior design post but hope it's still appreciated.

We styled and crafted this hidden home office CGI to demonstrate the practicality and sophistication of our clients bespoke furniture. Our artists recreated the clients hidden office concept, with further embellishments from our interior design team to compliment the trendy colour palette with stylish props.

As usual for us, this one has been produced in 3DSMax and rendered with Corona renderer, adding finishing touches and colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

Gallery / Handcrafted Timber Wall Panels
« on: 2021-02-24, 17:47:02 »
We were commissioned to craft twelve original interior spaces to exhibit our clients range of sustainable timber wall panels. The panels come in three distinctive styles with a variety of timber finishes available. Our interior teams absolutely love working with natural textures, so were delighted with the opportunity to craft these desirable interiors. Each space was designed in-house to be attainable, aspirational and feature fashionable furnishings alongside the timber wall products. 

Our 3D artists created the majority of the supporting furnishings and props from scratch to support the trends selected by our stylists. Scenes are built in 3DSMax and rendered using Corona renderer with additional finishing touches and colour adjustments made using Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

More about this project

Gallery / Pencil Grey Kitchen CGI
« on: 2021-02-12, 17:59:39 »
Just a few renders we've produced recently for one of our clients. Our stylists created this kitchen space with a deeper colour palette and contrasting veined white marble surfaces. The use of a full wall of Crittall style windows gave plenty of light so the interior still keeps a bright appearance and including lavish features like the gold cabinet profile adds merit to the overall design.

More from this series -

Gallery / Winter TV Ads 2020-2021 Animation Compilation
« on: 2021-01-25, 17:37:31 »
We designed and created these four subtle animations for our kitchen client's 2020 / 2021 winter TV advert campaign. To add an authentic element we used real world tracking data for the camera, captured from a previous ad to give the camera a more natural movement.

Gallery / Modular Office Shelving CGI
« on: 2021-01-08, 11:15:39 »
Last year we created a full CG office interior for one of our clients to display their new line of sofas (see The client returned with a new brief, this time to create a collection of striking modern office interiors, showcasing their new range of modular shelving. The shelving product has been specifically designed for storage and zoning in open plan workspaces. It uses a triangular framework which can be configured with shelves, lockers and cupboards to suit almost any office environment.

Each interior has been planned by our in house design team before being produced in 3DSMax and rendered with Corona renderer, adding finishing touches and colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

We've also created a clever online configurator tool for the shelving if anyone wants to play around with configurations -

Gallery / Photo scanned pumpkin and squash models
« on: 2020-10-31, 12:39:00 »
Our 3D artists crafted this fully CG autumnal table decoration using some freshly photo scanned pumpkin and squash models.
These new assets were created and processed in a day using our new photogrammetry rig, which really shows off the detail captured by using this tech.

Click the attached files below for much higher resolution

Photo scan processing done in Reality Capture, textures edited in Substance then rendered in 3DSMax + Corona.
More info on the capture process here

Gallery / Matt Grey & Timber Kitchen
« on: 2020-10-16, 12:47:24 »
We find that kitchens (and other interiors) with darker colour palettes often require a slightly more complex CG lighting setup. Here's one of our recent kitchens for a US client, where the artists have kept the lighting looking natural and bright with lighter wall finishes and a high beamed ceiling.

More of our American CGI >

Gallery / Duck Egg Blue Kitchen CGI
« on: 2020-10-01, 14:56:48 »
Here's a recent duck egg blue kitchen interior we created, we love the elegance and simplicity of this one. Our stylists made this a bright classic styled interior with subtle hints of woodgrain in the cabinetry internals and props.
As usual we created this with 3DSMax + Corona, colour accuracy adjustments and tweaks in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

More of our kitchen CGI >

Earlier in the year we shared our Swoon CGI roomset and got a lot of feedback asking for a tutorial video to show the process we used to create the wool rug using hair and fur techniques.
It's taken a little time due to our recent workload (customers obviously come first), but here's a video tutorial showing the 3D process in as quick a time as possible.

Page with all the video notes and reference images -

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