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Gallery / Winter TV Ads 2020-2021 Animation Compilation
« on: 2021-01-25, 17:37:31 »
We designed and created these four subtle animations for our kitchen client's 2020 / 2021 winter TV advert campaign. To add an authentic element we used real world tracking data for the camera, captured from a previous ad to give the camera a more natural movement.

Gallery / Modular Office Shelving CGI
« on: 2021-01-08, 11:15:39 »
Last year we created a full CG office interior for one of our clients to display their new line of sofas (see The client returned with a new brief, this time to create a collection of striking modern office interiors, showcasing their new range of modular shelving. The shelving product has been specifically designed for storage and zoning in open plan workspaces. It uses a triangular framework which can be configured with shelves, lockers and cupboards to suit almost any office environment.

Each interior has been planned by our in house design team before being produced in 3DSMax and rendered with Corona renderer, adding finishing touches and colour adjustments in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

We've also created a clever online configurator tool for the shelving if anyone wants to play around with configurations -

Gallery / Re: Photo scanned pumpkin and squash models
« on: 2020-11-09, 11:09:00 »
Is the background a backplate or full CG?

Full CG, it's a kitchen scene we created last year.

Gallery / Photo scanned pumpkin and squash models
« on: 2020-10-31, 12:39:00 »
Our 3D artists crafted this fully CG autumnal table decoration using some freshly photo scanned pumpkin and squash models.
These new assets were created and processed in a day using our new photogrammetry rig, which really shows off the detail captured by using this tech.

Click the attached files below for much higher resolution

Photo scan processing done in Reality Capture, textures edited in Substance then rendered in 3DSMax + Corona.
More info on the capture process here

Gallery / Matt Grey & Timber Kitchen
« on: 2020-10-16, 12:47:24 »
We find that kitchens (and other interiors) with darker colour palettes often require a slightly more complex CG lighting setup. Here's one of our recent kitchens for a US client, where the artists have kept the lighting looking natural and bright with lighter wall finishes and a high beamed ceiling.

More of our American CGI >

Gallery / Duck Egg Blue Kitchen CGI
« on: 2020-10-01, 14:56:48 »
Here's a recent duck egg blue kitchen interior we created, we love the elegance and simplicity of this one. Our stylists made this a bright classic styled interior with subtle hints of woodgrain in the cabinetry internals and props.
As usual we created this with 3DSMax + Corona, colour accuracy adjustments and tweaks in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

More of our kitchen CGI >

Gallery / Re: CGI Livingroom
« on: 2020-10-01, 11:12:47 »
Originally these were free when we downloaded them but it looks like the artist is now charging. I dare say a little bit of photoshop creativity and you can make your own quite easily.

Our Swoon CGI roomset is here (most of the images are included above)

The displacement maps were originally something that we downloaded for free, but I've since discovered the artist has now made them chargeable

Gallery / Re: CGI Livingroom
« on: 2020-09-25, 15:26:08 »
Bumping this old post to let you all know the video link >

Earlier in the year we shared our Swoon CGI roomset and got a lot of feedback asking for a tutorial video to show the process we used to create the wool rug using hair and fur techniques.
It's taken a little time due to our recent workload (customers obviously come first), but here's a video tutorial showing the 3D process in as quick a time as possible.

Page with all the video notes and reference images -

Gallery / Shaker Cashmere Open Plan Kitchen
« on: 2020-08-06, 17:27:06 »
Another of our recent CGI interiors from a kitchen layout supplied by our client. This elegant shaker kitchen bridges modern and traditional using a layout that carries the cabinetry through from the kitchen into the dining space using complimenting bench seating.
The scene was crafted in-house by our artists using 3DSMax + Corona renderer, colour accuracy adjustments and tweaks in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

More kitchen CGI from this project >

Gallery / Carbon Black Shaker Kitchen
« on: 2020-07-31, 14:33:01 »
Here's some more of the gorgeous contemporary kitchen CGI we've created whilst remote working. The cabinet selection and kitchen plan was provided by our client and their choice of carbon black doors alongside oak and complimenting gold accessories really keeps the design looking stylish and on-trend.

The 3D production, interior styling and additional prop modelling was completed by by our in-house team. We used 3DSMax and rendered using Corona renderer. Colour accuracy adjustments and tweaks in Adobe Photoshop and Fusion Studio 16.

More of our kitchen renders >

Gallery / Re: Shaker Olive Kitchen Images
« on: 2020-07-28, 15:04:35 »
Thanks I'll pass the comments back to the 3D artists. I know they've discussed the fingerprints thing before and it's been agreed that very minimal use is fine, but they have been distracting and occasionally overused in the past.

Gallery / Shaker Olive Kitchen Images
« on: 2020-07-27, 15:34:16 »
This interior is CGI that we've reworked from a kitchen produced last year. One of the smart advantages of 3D of course is to easily be able to amend materials, textures and props. The client wanted to keep the same layout but asked us to refresh the old set with an alternative door style and colour scheme.

More kitchen CGI (and the original coral coloured kitchen) >

Work in Progress/Tests / RGB Interactive Lighting Demo
« on: 2020-07-22, 15:15:05 »
We produced this lighting demo quite a while back and thought it may be interesting to share as it's still a clever use of Corona light mix. We used Corona to render the scene and split out each light beauty pass from the EXR. Some clever coding by our interactive team then combines the images each time the user requests a change in the browser.

Please forgive the basic user interface, at the moment it's just a proof of concept. And we have spotted a number of additional image quality improvements already.

We set this up with a kitchen, given it’s the most likely interior environment to have RGB strip lighting, but this could be added to any 3D room or product model.

Feel free to have a go yourself (this version works best on desktop PC's)>

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