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So this is what I got on my screen this morning, when opening the corona image editor (not even max) to edit some images and send to the client before a meeting.

Just a great way to start the day, looking like an idiot in front of the client, having to cancel the meeting and reschedule because the rendering software decided it's a good idea to block their customers from using the software when there are to many "field attempts" which again, makes no sense to me at all. We work either on the laptop or the workstation, depending on the day, never had an issue.

But today Corona decided to be an extra annoying piece of software.

I can't open the image editor, i cant open corona in max, i cant activate the f-ing software I bought and paid for. Waited 15 minutes, tried, doesn't work. Tried 30 minutes later, doesn't work.

This is rather unforgivable and borderline to sue someone over if there's no grounded reason for initializing such a block for customers while working.

I lost time, I lost face, I lost money. And for what exacly. For a protocol I didn't know was there, don't know why or when this protocol activates, nor do I even understand why this is in place.

Sorry if this is a rant, but it's infuriating when a software screws you over. Espeacialy in front of clients. This needs to be fixed. Not even Adobe is this lame.

I found this on a forum of Forest Pack Pro:*)/fpp-corona-animated-proxies-and-scene-parsingprep-time/

Any clues as to wether this has been improved? We could benefit from this... We do Arch Viz and the vegitation of Forest Pack Pro is starting to become a bottleneck. Is the Corona dev. team rather leaning towards the C-scatter for usage, or can we keep investing our time in FPP. This plugin has become more annoying to work with, in conjunction with the Corona renderer.

Is there any at all improvements in sight.. If so... From who, where...

Should we request the Corona dev.-team, the Forest Pack Pro dev.-team, the Adesk dev.-team...

A while back, I remember there being issues with the IR start over again when for example selecting something in the ME, while this shouldn't be a reason for the IR to start over again.

These days I'm having it ALL the time with everything. Selecting something in viewport will restart the IR, selecting a material in the ME will restart the IR, going sub-material will restart the IR,moving the UI will restart the IR



[Max] I need help! / image batch rendering - error
« on: 2021-02-14, 11:30:03 »
Can someone help me and tell me what we're doing wrong here? Thanks!

We're getting following error: see attached

It doesn't matter if we turn the value to 0, or make a post process file without any glare / bloom enabled it just keeps giving us line errors.



Having the exclude option in render passes, instead of having them excluded through the material-shader, seems faster and easier to set up. I'm referring to our workflow, where we need ZDepth passes without the glass for example. Or a translucency pass without the trees, but only the grasses.

All these things are so much faster to achieve and break up in smaller parts by simply adding a second Zdepth pass for example, with different elements excluded.

You'd get the results you need faster and easier...

I have no IT knowledge so I'm only asking if this is a doable feature or not.

This would easily bypass the need for us to create for example masks all over the place, to cancel stuff out of post-production passes like translucency. We would immediately have the correct pass, with the correct objects in it. No need for "masking" this stuff out afterwards.

We are doing ArchViz and I'm sure other pple can use these features as well...


Hey, we just switched to the last corona, and in our ZDepth pass, whilst the animation was still rendering, we suddenly noticed a change. The glass was passing through, as in "ignoring it" - see first image, but now it doesn't, and takes the glass back into account. Not the desired effect...

Now that we updated, the options are different in the corona material shader, and we can no longer have the glass ignored in the zdepth pass. This was an option we had in the material editor. Now we have others like "propogate etc" but I can't seem to get a shader to pass through anymore...?

If not, we need to revert back to the last version...


Hi, we're currently experiencing a 100% guarantee on max freezing when using the IR. The scene just hangs. Need to force shutdown, all work is lost. So we are in a pickle.

Max 2021, last update
Corona 5 hotfix 2
Windows 10


I was getting some "splots" on cars I was creating for the library, so I added more light samples, in the multiplier. To my surprise, the higher I went, not only did the splots go away, the carpaint itself became brighter.

This to the degree that it stabilizes somewhat around "50" !!! - Not much added value after this.

But 50 is insainly high for a value which's default is 2, so I'm pretty sure I'm doing something wrong.

Check renders attached, darkest one has the default of 2, then 25 samples, and 50 samples. 75 and 100 samples give nearly the same results as 50 samples.

The carpaint is made up from a Blend-shader which contains 2 corona-MTL's.
Lighting is HDRI + Corona Sun, nothing fancy.

Any idea's?

[Max] I need help! / 3D Studio Max - macro recording
« on: 2020-02-08, 17:30:47 »

I'm trying to generate a script from a macro recording in 3D Studio Max - for materials

We use a general base-setup for our greenery, for example translucency "0,25"

In the macro recording however, I'm getting the following:

sceneMaterials["forest_automat_34549BD0"][#_4____VP_Japanese_Sedge_Grass_Leaf_Front_04____CoronaMtl].levelTranslucency = 0.25

Is there a written definition to have this more "generalized" in the following sense:

sceneMaterials["SELECTED MATERIAL SLOT"].levelTranslucency = 0.25

I reckon this question might be better posted in the area forums, but I wanted to try it here as well, you never know :)



To get the corona frame VFB I need to set max to "Iterative rendering mode" in the F10 window, on top.

Problem is each time max is opened, the same file, he resets it to production rendering mode.

I believe there was a way to have Iterative rendering mode by default?


[Max] I need help! / wxWidgets assertion failure
« on: 2020-01-18, 11:48:59 »
Anyone else been getting this? Switching windows in explorer doesn't really help, max seems to be freezing cause the error happened whilst rendering in Iterative mode, so the thing is jammed.


Hardware / ASUS SUITE 3 + Threadripper 1950x
« on: 2019-09-21, 20:05:44 »

My motherboard ASUS PRIME X399-A comes with an app called Asus Suite, latest version is 3.

There are options in there to regulate Ram, CPU and FAN. They're easy enough to manipulate but I'm have trouble deciphering some of it and wanted to check what options would be best when rendering with Corona specifically since I'm not sure about how it utilizes CPU cores under the hood.

See images attached, is there someone who can help me out? Would these settings also apply to my other threadripper 2990WX?

RAM wise: Can I do something in these settings to speed up parsing times?
CPU wise: Can I do something in these settings to speed up rendering? (besides upping the CPU-Ghz, I'm boosting it to 3.6Ghz)

edit: I put all the options in a pdf attached, best to download and go page to page to see the differences between eachother easier



Is there a way or tool that anyone knows of that allows me to link a certain frame-nr° to a camera to render?

Pulze scene manager allows this, but only for animations, meaning 1+ frames, which is very annoying. Can't use it for single frames


edit: .net render in Batch rendering UI - solved.

[Max] I need help! / Node system not using full CPU power
« on: 2019-09-08, 23:53:21 »
Hi I just noticed my Threadripper 2990WX (32core-64threads) is using a low percentage of it's potential, according to the task manager?

Where do I start looking for clues on how to solve this?


Hardware / Workstation
« on: 2019-07-19, 09:44:20 »

I am toying with the idea of combining 'older' but still very relevant pc components that have become cheap beyond belief but will give me a much better performance of working inside of 3dstudio max.

Mainly because of the CPU speed. Not the count. Remember I want to have a significant increase in 3D Studio Max concerning viewport performance.

This is what I came up with so far:

FX-9590 8* 4.7Ghz // 150€

G.Skill Ares 16 GB DDR3-1866 Kit F3-1866C10D-16GAB // 90€ *4= 270€

MOBO ASRock 970M Pro3 // 70€

GPU ASRock Radeon RX 570 Phantom Gaming X OC 8GBb // 205€ *2= 410€

I would see an increase in signle core performance from my current threadripper 1950x running on 3.6Ghz to 4,7Ghz in the Fx 9590. My other rendernode is running an WX2990 @ 3.2Ghz

I imagine this would help me alot already I imagine? Downside being the memory is maxed out at DDR3 1866Mhz.

So if we are talking 3dstudio max WORKperformance, not rendering, am I right to assume this machine might kick alot more ass then the threadrippers running at lower Mhz but higher CPU counts?

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