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[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Stop IR in viewport ASAP
« on: 2020-10-14, 08:09:17 »
that would be Forest Pack Pro making your scene impossible. Espeacially in IR.

Forest Packs reloading when selecting a different camera
Using point cloud display is junk, use proxy-plant display for trees
Have all Forest Pack Pro geometry turned to Proxies (make sure to avoid adding crp_ as prefix or ur Forest Packs will get broken)
Dont use "edge mode" unless it's really necessary, it make (re-)computing the scene for rendering ALOT heavier

The non-responsiveness can prob be part of your viewport being to heavy from those Forest Packs, when doing a render in IR with Forest Packs enabled, you will see the Forest Packs vanish from the viewport. You can make them appear by selecting them from an explorer window (layer explorer, etc...) whilst doing IR.

Again: I'm looking at Forest Pack Pro for this... Not Corona.


Having the exclude option in render passes, instead of having them excluded through the material-shader, seems faster and easier to set up. I'm referring to our workflow, where we need ZDepth passes without the glass for example. Or a translucency pass without the trees, but only the grasses.

All these things are so much faster to achieve and break up in smaller parts by simply adding a second Zdepth pass for example, with different elements excluded.

You'd get the results you need faster and easier...

I have no IT knowledge so I'm only asking if this is a doable feature or not.

This would easily bypass the need for us to create for example masks all over the place, to cancel stuff out of post-production passes like translucency. We would immediately have the correct pass, with the correct objects in it. No need for "masking" this stuff out afterwards.

We are doing ArchViz and I'm sure other pple can use these features as well...


[Max] I need help! / Re: corona 6 / visible in mask options
« on: 2020-10-04, 18:59:09 »
same issue @

We had to revert for the time being. Hoping for a daily soon...

buying :)

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: polyget - final render tests
« on: 2020-09-26, 11:29:50 »
What happened?... The website is down and all pics have been taken down here?

Is Polyget closed?

"some of the previous functionalities were removed"

Ok but now we can't put any material shader to transparant in zdepth-pass cause that was only doable through the material shader and not in render elements...?

How would you remove the glass from the zdepth render element if there is no "exclude" in the render element option...? This was only doable through the material shader, in the options. Not anymore.. Thanks for the info, we need to revert back though, we cannot render a second time with the glass in hidden mode, just for the zdepth pass, that's rediculous if it used to be able to come in the same render.

Hey, we just switched to the last corona, and in our ZDepth pass, whilst the animation was still rendering, we suddenly noticed a change. The glass was passing through, as in "ignoring it" - see first image, but now it doesn't, and takes the glass back into account. Not the desired effect...

Now that we updated, the options are different in the corona material shader, and we can no longer have the glass ignored in the zdepth pass. This was an option we had in the material editor. Now we have others like "propogate etc" but I can't seem to get a shader to pass through anymore...?

If not, we need to revert back to the last version...


Can I just advise to show the materials applied on test furniture / objects of the matching scale? I can't tell if this is suited to map on 150cmx150cm for example, and not 20cmx20cm

Maybe not so important for fabrics... However, if there's leather, if it were me, I'd want to see it applied to a 3-seat couch to see how the reflection and such play out. Tilable, ... etc.


sent a dropbox link through PM, grts :)

ofc: 3dflow - Corona helpdesk collect

I uploaded it with a local dropbox link



Happens when using the sliders. When inserting numeric values, all good. When sliding > crash. Happens in heavy scenes. Just started a new project, scene is still less then 100K poly's, no Forest Packs or anything yet, just geometry, works so far. But IR still tends to hang when for example rotating the daylight compass with the HDRI-environment map linked to it (RadToDeg Z_Rotation / 360.0 through parameter wiring) - Almost like he needs to reload the hdri every +/- 30° degrees of rotation.

Just saying, the IR is not a "trusted" tool atm.. To unstable in our heavier scenes, and not handy enough for lighting, it's faster to do a normal render and pressing F9.

If Corona scatter ever updates to more "like" forest pack pro, i'll be the happiest person to ditch Forest Pack Pro. It's junk, it's buggy, it's messy and it's very very very very very very SLOW. You need to tweak it HARD to get it running "normal" on heavy scenes.

I said tweak, not twerk :)

Hi, we're currently experiencing a 100% guarantee on max freezing when using the IR. The scene just hangs. Need to force shutdown, all work is lost. So we are in a pickle.

Max 2021, last update
Corona 5 hotfix 2
Windows 10

[Max] I need help! / Re: CShading_Shadows
« on: 2020-07-08, 11:04:03 »
"The Shadows pass can only be correctly created when using direct lighting."

Ok.. But when is this handy? In what scenario would this be used? I never had a render in my life without GI bouncing around? Is this a bug then or just something that doesnt and won't exist?

I just had a client asking to remove shadows in certain areas of a huge scale architectural render cause the sun's direction was unfortunate. So this "trick" is kind of relevant.

Atm we're using gamma and brightness post on masked areas..


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