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[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-07-21, 22:34:29 »
Guys, are you planning to make something like "Corona Hair & Fur"?

FStorm recently introduced their "Fstorm Fur" and it works like a charm. It has simple interface of the modifier and low memory use.
Would be really useful to have that kind of feature in Corona for rugs, cloths, etc. Using default 3ds max "Hair & Fur" is real pain in the ass.. Especially problematic is that when using corona shader for hairs it can't pick up color from diffuse map.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 3990x vs 3970x
« on: 2021-05-05, 22:54:24 »

There's one thing that I'm wondering about.
In first scenario where you have air cooling and temperatures are quite comfortable but effective clocks are still lower. Why is that happening?


I've recently came across with some weird problem with shadowcatcher.
I have a studio scene with plane + few lights and while rendering in the alpha channel there's visible line on a certain height. Unfortunately it's also visible in the beauty pass in shadow area. I can't figure out what's the cause of it.
I tried to:
- change GI settings to different variations
- turn on/off adaptive light solver/lock sampling pattern/displacement/occlude other lights (in all lights)

There's no hdri light in the scene, only planes.
Right now I'm using recent daily build version but I tried that with some previous builds (stable ones) and it's the same.

Edit: Uh.. just after I wrote this topic I found what the problem was. It was one of the lights in the scene. It was single sided and that line was border of the light. The solution was to tick the "Emit on both sides" option.. So just in case someone will face similar problem that's the way to fix that.

Hardware / Re: Monitor Recommendations
« on: 2021-03-27, 21:46:22 »
what do you think of LG 32UN650 as a budget option? Looks like it has a similar specs as the Benq PD3200U (or LG 32UD99-W which is not available) but better design and price point.
Or it's better to hold up for a while and wait for those Q2 premieres?

If I am buying brand-new, I mostly buy from local e-shops like Alza. If it's unavailable, I go to Amazon, and if I need something that's not crucial to have brand new (like PSU or Motherboard) I look up eBay :- ). I am quite a bargainer...

Zenith II is worth it only for overclockers as all other boards have more than enough VRM capacity anyway. Zenith II does have better memory support for those who want to run extreme configs like 256 GB at 3600\CL16. Something like that is not quite stable on other boards.

Your memory, you do need 4 kits since it is quad-channel platform and it will not run with full performance without it.

Corsair is tricky because each of their models (not just model-ranges) are made by someone else. AX for example is made by Seasonic, except for the super-high end AX1600i which is using digital platform from Flextronics.
So there is no particular benefit to Corsair, they are simply popular brand. Corsair PSU can be super shit or super high quality, each model fully unrelated.

While I use the AX1600i for my two latest workstations (it;s the best PSU on market) I use Seasonic Prime series for everything else (Seasonic doesn't have 1600W unit).

My currently suggested memory kits for Zen architecture is Crucial Ballistics (Micron Rev-E), Patriot Viper (Hynix CJR) and G.Skill, all listed in 3600 CL18 32GB DIMMs.

Thanks for the advices!
Wondering on one thing. If I install only 2 kits of ram (quad) it won't work or just won't work at it's fullest capacity?

Unfortunately I don't have much time to answer personally in private, I have baby and husky dog jumping around me all-day while I try to run business as best I can..
I just go here every few days to check and write something :- ). It's best to ask a general question on forum, so everyone can chime in and read answers.

If it's something specific, you can reach me on the 'info' email on my website. But I don't guarantee any timely answer.

Sure, I know how it looks like with this kind of day activities 😉.

Nah, nothing too specific.
Mainly I was just curious where do you get your computer parts from? Based on your posts here in the topics I can tell that you're ordering parts all across the europe and do some really nice bargains occasionally. Could you throw some shops names 😉?

Also, I wanted your opinion on TR build as you're threadripper specialist here 😉. Mainly regarding the MBU and PSU as these two I'm not sure the most.

MBU: Asus ROG Strix TRX40-XE Gaming - don't know if Zenith II Extreme Alpha is woth the extra money? I read that XE version has the same 70A phases as Zenith II Extreme.
CPU: AMD Threadripper 3990X
Cooling: Noctua NH-U14S
PSU: Corsair HX1000i - I thought about some AXs but don't know if these are worth extra money? However I'm checking now and it's quite hard to get those Corsair units in Poland. So far I only used Corsairs and again don't know anything regarding the other brands.
RAM: 2x32GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200MHz
Case: Fractal Design Define 7 XL
SSD: Samsung 1TB M.2 970 EVO

Ugh... and know I'm thinking what's the better option. Go for 3990X and stick with Corona or stay with my Xeon's, buy 2x RTX 3090 + bigger PSU and switch to FStorm/VRay...

btw. @Juraj, is there any way to reach you? I wanted to ask you something and you have PMs blocked.

- For the RAM I would go with 2x32GB stick just to be future proof but i'm not sure about what are the advantages of dual channel mode regarding our work.

- The Fractal Desing Define 7 XL is a way newer case,  and in my opinion is a bit better if you want to have a closed top side and few more included fans and generaly a bit easier to service and configure to your needs when building something a bit more special. It also has usb C on the front panel. I think nowdays the 4 quarter inch bays of the xl r2 are not that usefull in a build like this, and I also prefer that the intake filters are not mounted to the fans. All in all I really like that the D 7 XL is really "modular" and you can put a ton of fans in it. I think i will use it for a really long time.

-  but i have to keep in mind it cost 25% more, but i think its worth it.

Thanks for those advices.
I'll go for 32GB sticks as there's no difference in a price

Define 7 XL sounds better then :). Wondering on one thing though. Wouldn't it be better to take normal Define 7 when I'm considering ATX motherboard? Or will it be too small for 3990x, 1080Ti and several HDDs? The price isn't the problem here. Just wondering if the smaller one wouldn't be better looking.

Any advices regarding MBU & PSU?

Guys, I thinking of building my 3990X workstation in January. I came up with this configuration:
MBU:        Asus ROG Strix TRX40-XE Gaming - don't know if Zenith II Extreme is worth extra money? Maybe something different than Asus in similar price point?
CPU:         AMD Threadripper 3990X
Cooling:    Noctua NH-U14S
PSU:         Corsair HX1000 - or AX1000, again I don't know if it's worth that few extra bucks?
RAM:   4x16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX - no need for 128gb now, but I leave slots for it.
Case:   Fractal Design Define XL R2 - or Define 7 XL, are there any major differences between the new model?
SSD:    Samsung 1TB M.2 970 EVO

No GPU as I'll use 1080Ti I have right now.
What do you think of that?

Gallery / Re: Layers of White
« on: 2020-01-30, 18:56:21 »
Beautiful renders. did you render the DOF in corona or as a post process? whats the method and how many passes per image to get such a smooth noise free image? If this would be animation what is the number of passes for it to look this good ? Lovely backplates too....really well matched.

Thanks! DOF is rendered. I don't know how many passes because it was different for each shot. I usually set noise level to 2% and let it render.
It wouldn't be possible to make animation of these. Rendering times were to long. Even after some heavy optimization it would be hard to render this. Different approach would be required from the beginning to make animation.

Hey, love your close up images.


3ds max :)

Gallery / Re: Layers of White
« on: 2020-01-30, 09:27:44 »
These look great!

What is your method for the rugs?

That depends.
When these are more flat I use mix of displacement and bump. However with hairy ones I use Forest Pack to scatter fiber packs.

Gallery / Re: Layers of White
« on: 2020-01-29, 15:44:56 »
Wow these are fantastic! Would you mind letting me know where I can get such good quality backplates from?

I don't know where did I get it from.. I found it almost year ago and tried to figure out recently from where did I get it and I couldn't find the place..

Gallery / Layers of White
« on: 2020-01-29, 15:10:28 »
Hi guys,

I didn't post anything for sometime so here's new project.
This time it's personal one made on the basis of the Layers of White - Pitsou Kedem Architect project and photos of Amit Geron.

Renderings made after hours, I started it almost a year ago and recently managed to finish it.

You can also see it on my website and behance.:

If you have any questions, go ahead :)

Thanks for the help. I think I'll go with your first option which is 2700X + MSI x470 Gaming Plus. As I looked through the prices it should fit the budget.

if you need something on a budget that is an actual upgrade from your 5820k get the 2700 (x if you can find it for $10-20 more) as it is faster and it has been going on sale for months months now. You can pair it with something like the MSI x470 Gaming Plus, it is only sale often for $110+ and it can also run the 3900x/3950x at stock speeds.

Ryzen 2700
MSI x470 Gaming Plus
DDR4 3000Mhz CAS 15 or 16 2x16Gb  (Cosair Vengeance LPX CMK32GX4M2B3000C15 if you can find it)
Use all your old parts, expect using the stock cooler with the Ryzen.

Looking at Corona Benchmarks it seems that Ryzen 7 2700X is the best option.
Will there be any major difference between X470 and B450 motherboards considering that I won't be overclocking CPU and won't be using any fast DDR4?

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