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Thanks Nik, you're a legend.

Thanks Maru. We're keeping an eye on this.

We're just getting loads of weird crashes/close-to-desktop and we're stumped as to why. 2022.2 doesn't solve it. Certain scenes open ok but once you start navigating viewport they die to desktop without a crash window. Sometimes files then fail to open again, and have to be merged back in to a fresh scene. This is with/without Compress on Save so that doesn't seem to be affecting it.

We're trying to narrow it down if it's a particular plugin causing the issue, or maybe nvidia drivers, or a Windows Update maybe.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: dual CPU issues?
« on: 2021-09-16, 15:47:21 »
We are also using some 128-thread machines here in the studio. Not particularly noticing the same issue as OP but thought I'd contribute my results too from my own workstation in case helpful.


Anyone else suddenly seeing Fault Tolerant Heap issues?

Might have triggered since a windows update, or perhaps since we moved up to 2022/Corona 7.

Going through the usual helpdesk suggestions of excluding 3dsmax.exe from FHT list, but would be good to know if anyone else is having this issue suddenly.


Yep, same. As a result we jumped ship to Pulze and are never looking back!

Amazing news Nik! As for why I personally prefer your script over Zorb, it's just much simpler to look at and use, as an artist. Zorb is a huge sprawling thing, great for other things for sure, but for making quick edits to batches of maps/materials your script is 10/10.

I wonder if anyone at Chaos Czech would be willing to take this on as an official part of Corona? It's a hugely beneficial script!

Hi Nik,

Do you have any intentions to update the script to work with Corona 7 and the new CoronaPhysicalMtl?


Best script ever. Can't wait for this to be updated!

Hi folks,

Is anyone else having issues deploying Deadline The 3ds max SMTD submitter is failing to send most but not all scenes, either via 2020 or 2022. Something about Python error, but not clear at all from the logs what's going on...

No joy on the Deadline forums yet, and there's currently no working version that supports 2022 we can roll back to! Seems like it's happening on the previous 16.9 version too:



Ondra can I put in a request while you're working on multimap? Can you please put a checkbox next to each map. This way we can load in all the maps we want, but easily disable them temporarily if needed (which is often, when testing, for which the primary colours assigned to each map are really helpful). Cheers.

We rely on being able to re-render scenes correctly all the time, sometimes years later.

Then there is no other option but using exactly that software version which was used to create the scene originally. Many features will change, just think of post processing in v8 and what that means to the resulting image(s).  You cannot expect to get 1:1 results in future versions, but fortunately we can use the Corona multiloaders to easily load an older version side by side for that reason (amongst others).

Good Luck

You only quoted the first half of my message? That's why I said that "Naturally certain shading things might be different, that's fair, but fundamental texture mapping etc. must be retained IMO". Of course certain things will look a little different a version down the line, but not mapping or other fundamental things that are down to artistic choice.

If it was/is working in v6 but it's broken in v7 then old v6 scenes rendered in v7 will not look correct, is that the case? If so that will certainly need fixing, I agree. We rely on being able to re-render scenes correctly all the time, sometimes years later. Naturally certain shading things might be different, that's fair, but fundamental texture mapping etc. must be retained IMO.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: EXR format Image IO error
« on: 2021-07-15, 10:37:40 »
Is this the same error as I reported ages ago where the "fix" is to open the "corrupted" EXR into Corona Image Editor and re-save it back out as a new EXR, which then happily loads into PS/AE etc? If not just ignore me...

i think i also found another bug when working with 2D pan zoom When in interactive render it works like charm but once i hit the render to go for the final image it renders the image without the 2D pan zoom

That's as designed, and just as well, too, IMO.

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