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Garagefarm, hands down.

It's the direct opposite from Rebusfarm.

Garagefarm has the best IT-personel support you can find anywhere. They will carry you whilst having problems, it's insaine to which degree they will go to help you out. And I love them for it, and never went anywhere else, because of it.

Rebusfarm, I have a ton of renderpoints there saved from when Corona monthly licences came with 10 renderpoints. I simply dont use them because Rebusfarm is useless when you have for example anima running in your scene. There WILL be issues and you will end up losing more money. They're really shit in a can, sorry. Maybe if you have a scene with no issues for sure.

for example: Garagefarm has a need app for the comp that syncs into Max, and they have a chat window that is live constant. Simply told me to upload with a code you can put in the app and the renders get directed to the correct farm-computers with the correct plugins for you specificaly.

Minor point for Garagefarm is their plugin tends to freeze Max out once the upload is done, the max-window tries to refresh and reload the scene but that can take up to 45mins if the scene is heavy. There is def a delay in that so we basicly save before sending, and force-close once sent so we can move on with other max files.

Is nice.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona Image Editor CPU Usage
« on: 2021-10-15, 09:45:49 »
This isn't resolved yet, is it? I just came here looking for reasons why the corona image editor is so sluggish... I guess it's a WIP..?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Color correct LUT in Dron footage
« on: 2021-09-20, 09:30:39 »
Just render it with black direct overide and alpha. Compose later in photoshop.

I wouldn't do that... You'll get mask-lines on the 3D-edge where it goes over into the BG.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Color correct LUT in Dron footage
« on: 2021-09-20, 09:29:40 »
Here's how we handle photo-impass with Corona:

First make the lighting in the scene on the 3D model with a black background or whatever (We use HDRI's), match it with what you see in the drone image, angle of lighting ~ strength, etc...
Use a CoronaColorCorrect on the background image (drone) and pull it in the Direct Visibility override in settings (F10-scene)

The only way to get the original drone image rendererd, is to not use any VFB settings. You will use them for sure. Don't forget your BG image is prob 8bit or 12bit (NEF?). In the end you're rendering out 3D that's 16bit+ and some 8/12 bit info in the background.
The highlight compress setting is always the most important factor for us when doing photo-impass cause of (I think) this difference in pixel-depth-info.

Thus the background will be affected faster (harder?) by the highlight compress setting for example and make it look bland, compared to the 3D.

So you really need to tweak that BG with the corona-color-override on top, with the (lighting + refraction + reflection) HDRI untill you get that background aligned with the 3D-model.

That's the way we feel and do it here.. My 5 cents.


So this is what I got on my screen this morning, when opening the corona image editor (not even max) to edit some images and send to the client before a meeting.

Just a great way to start the day, looking like an idiot in front of the client, having to cancel the meeting and reschedule because the rendering software decided it's a good idea to block their customers from using the software when there are to many "field attempts" which again, makes no sense to me at all. We work either on the laptop or the workstation, depending on the day, never had an issue.

But today Corona decided to be an extra annoying piece of software.

I can't open the image editor, i cant open corona in max, i cant activate the f-ing software I bought and paid for. Waited 15 minutes, tried, doesn't work. Tried 30 minutes later, doesn't work.

This is rather unforgivable and borderline to sue someone over if there's no grounded reason for initializing such a block for customers while working.

I lost time, I lost face, I lost money. And for what exacly. For a protocol I didn't know was there, don't know why or when this protocol activates, nor do I even understand why this is in place.

Sorry if this is a rant, but it's infuriating when a software screws you over. Espeacialy in front of clients. This needs to be fixed. Not even Adobe is this lame.

I checked the thread you linked there. Just... I don't understand why you need "a scene" with Forest Pack Objects from US when this is problematic in EVERY scene with Corona + Forest Pack Pro-elements. You can just whip up whatever presets the Forest Pack Pro lib offers.

It's about the following statement:

V-Ray proxies 'GetRenderMesh' is very fast, because it returns the simplified mesh used for viewport.
Corona computes and returns the full mesh stored in the proxy, and this process takes a lot of time.

You need a scene from us to check how to return a "simplified mesh can be sent back to viewport, instead of the full mesh?

This was around for a while now, with the added Q for better simplified meshes in viewport for Corona proxies.
We got
  • Point cloud (kills my viewport performance)
    Solid box (useless for working, only for rendering-time)
    Wire frame box (as useless as solid box-mode)
    Full mesh mode (I dare you to use this in an Arch Viz scene

Where is our better option for working and rendering at the same time...

I found this on a forum of Forest Pack Pro:*)/fpp-corona-animated-proxies-and-scene-parsingprep-time/

Any clues as to wether this has been improved? We could benefit from this... We do Arch Viz and the vegitation of Forest Pack Pro is starting to become a bottleneck. Is the Corona dev. team rather leaning towards the C-scatter for usage, or can we keep investing our time in FPP. This plugin has become more annoying to work with, in conjunction with the Corona renderer.

Is there any at all improvements in sight.. If so... From who, where...

Should we request the Corona dev.-team, the Forest Pack Pro dev.-team, the Adesk dev.-team...

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: CoronaProxy crashes
« on: 2021-05-24, 08:07:17 »
4/5 times max will crash with heavy groups...

Broken indeed...damn it. FPP is getting more and more of a nuisance to work with these days... Time to invest some effort in Corona scatterer...

A while back, I remember there being issues with the IR start over again when for example selecting something in the ME, while this shouldn't be a reason for the IR to start over again.

These days I'm having it ALL the time with everything. Selecting something in viewport will restart the IR, selecting a material in the ME will restart the IR, going sub-material will restart the IR,moving the UI will restart the IR



"Byt the way, it is possible to run a daily build without installing it over an existing Corona installation (even in a 2nd 3ds Max instance)"

I didn't know, tyvm!

Ok so when can we see this in an official release? I can't use daily builds cause renderfarms only work with official releases?

[Max] I need help! / Re: Displacement Issues
« on: 2021-03-07, 09:07:20 »
+1.. look at the mask option the removed from the material shader option... it's a shitshow atm for us.. we need to double render in animations, a damn nightmare and costing us alot of money

[Max] I need help! / Re: Displacement Issues
« on: 2021-03-01, 11:09:46 »
we personaly dislike the 2.5 displacment method, and keep using the "real" one. We use the corona displacement modifier to choose the detail level of the objects in view. Also redrawing the geometry with "subdivide" and such tools with relax values seem to help in these cases...

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