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General CG Discussion / Cycles denoiser
« on: 2019-08-27, 21:29:49 »
I just stumbled upon this picture with various denoisers being compared in Blender. At first glance it seemed nothing unusal, but then i noticed Cycles denoiser results. Some may say that they are much noisier than that of other (supposedly AI) denoisers in the chart, but to my eye, its output is much more pleasing, because it not simply smears details or creates halucinated artifacts, but rather merges pixel size noise into bigger blobs and makes it appear as more "photographic". Any day of the week i would choose this coarse noise over clinically clean, plastic output of AI denoisers. Would love to see something similar in Corona. What do you think?

Feature request based on discussion in this topic:

It would be very nice to have triplanar mapping implemented directly in CoronaBitmap for easier set up and more convenient use. I guess that due to lack of UI space, triplanar in CBitmap would have to be simplified, so separate triplanar node should still be available for full features access and for backward compatibility.

It seems that Fstorm has already such feature implemented, as it can be seen from image below.

Would it be possible for Corona not to show warning message about missing textures, if objects with those textures, are hidden/ non renderable. In other words, if Corona does not need to load textures for rendering, it shouldn't issue the warning about missing assets.

Hardware / PC cases talk
« on: 2019-06-22, 17:06:39 »
BTW, the last case I got was a Be Quiet. Don't recommend it. Not quiet at all in my opinion.

Can you tell the model? I'm thinking about Be Quiet Pure Base as my next case, but if you're saying it's not good...

Edit: I've split discussion from the threadrippers topic. We can discuss about PC cases here.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Crash with TextureObjMask
« on: 2019-06-19, 10:46:58 »
Build V4 final
3ds max 2016
Windows 10

Using TextureObjMask map with Corona IR, eventually leads to crash.

Steps to reproduce: open the scene, launch interactive rendering, try to move sphere object and/or change TextureObjMask map's parameters. It won't take long for max to crash.

Corona 4 final

Bump converter works incorrectly with 3D procedural maps set to either object XYZ or world XYZ coordinates. As if it requires UV coordinates to render 3D maps. Attaching examples of procedural map plugged into bump directly and through bump converter.

Scatter ignores 3d map's object XYZ mapping mode and always uses world XYZ.

[Max] Feature Requests / Corona Null material
« on: 2019-03-31, 11:27:51 »
I would like to propose Corona Null material, that once assigned to an object, it would completely eliminate it from scene, as if it were hidden. Such material might not be useful on its own, but in combination with new the Corona Select material, it would become very handy scene management tool. Yes, i'm aware that one can already achieve same result with regular material and zero opacity or with empty rayswitch material, but this still degrades scene performance and thus is not ideal solution.

Please change enviroment colour for render elements CGeometry_NormalsShading and CGeometry_NormalsGeometry from  0 0 0 to 128 128 255, or at least give user an option to override colour. This annoys me almost everytime i use those RE, because i always have to render twice.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Curve editor fails to update properly
« on: 2019-02-18, 21:56:49 »
Build Feb 13

Curve editor interpolation type, does not update properly when changing channels or hitting reset.

Reproduction steps:
  • open curve editor in VFB, change interpolation to linear splines, modify curve - everything works as expected.
  • now change channel or hit reset button, modify curve - see how curve is interpolated as cubic spline, but display still shows linear.

Corona always renders particles, ignoring render type settings.

[Max] Bug Reporting / CoronaBitmap - opacity display issue
« on: 2019-01-17, 20:35:21 »
Build - V3.1

CoronaBitmap does not respect mono channel output when show in viewport is ON and RGBA texture is plugged into opacity slot. Same setup works fine with native bitmap. This only affects viewport. When rendering, cBitmap works fine.

Currently when changing light's directionality, its intensity stays the same, but that leads to increased brightness, because light is spread over lesser area. Would it be possible to make perceived brightness stay more or less at the same level when changing directionality? Maybe with checkbox that would allow to choose between both behaviours?

Currently, it's only possible to change proxy's transformations with transform gizmos, but neither xform, nor linked xform modifiers does not affect its transformations. That leaves no options to change proxys transforms when used in cScatter. It's either xform/linked xform should affect proxy's transforms, or proxy should have its own transformation rollout in modify pannel.

This request originates from that topic:

Could you make 3ds max's atmospheric apparatus to be supported by Corona distance texmap, please?

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