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The frames seem to be rendered at a very low quality. You need many samples (longer render time) to efficiently sample a small light source far away from the reflective objects. I would suggest the following:

1) Letting the frames render for a longer time (I would say about 100 passes is usually the minimum).
2) Lowering the glossiness (or increasing the roughness) of the carpaint material just a tiny bit. For example, if it's currently 1, you can change it to 0.99. This should make it a bit easier to sample light reflections.

Have you tried using some scene "cleaning" tools like Prune Scene or Sini Forensic?

Is this happening only with Corona, or generally in 3ds Max?

If it's Corona only (or you observed it only with Corona), could you send us a scene where this can be reproduced?
The uploader is in my signature.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: dual CPU issues?
« on: Today at 13:59:00 »
@doillo - just one more request:

Could you please:
- download the attached archive
- open the two included scenes and render both of them on the problematic dual-cpu computer (do not change any settings)
- save the render output (there is a 1 minute time limit set)
- share your results with us

Thanks in advance!

I am not aware of any increase in user reports about this.
This is a Windows feature and it basically means that 3ds Max or some related process is constantly crashing for you. The best idea would be probably to find out the root cause of the original crash. To do it:
- disable FTH completely -
- when 3ds Max crashes, capture a minidump and send it to us (this can be done regardless if the Autodesk error reporting window pops up or not) -

Hi 3dboomerang,

We are really sorry for this experience. It definitely shouldn't have happened.
I can see that you started a support ticket with us and one of our agents is in touch with you - this is always the best idea and guarantees the fastest resolution of the issue.

In case of any issues with accessing your Customer Zone account and/or activating Corona and the related apps, as the first troubleshooting steps please always try:
1. Restraining from any activation for at least 10 minutes (do not activate directly in the GUI, through the Licensing Server, and do not log in at the Customer Zone)
2. Resetting your activation password at
3. Then activating again using your usual email address and the new password
Note: the new password is used for both accessing the Customer Zone and activating Corona!

Once we are 100% sure what happened in your case, we will do our best to prevent such situations in the future.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: Earth with atmosphere
« on: 2021-09-03, 10:47:38 »
Could those be forest fires? 😬

Hi guys, I have one question I accidentally turned off Corona error log. Can some1 tell me how to turn that log on? I rly need them on render window or IR. I have also tryed with reset 3dsmax and start over everything and still no result with switching on.

How exactly did you disable it?
If you only clicked "ignore" then this should only work for the current session and if you reload your scene it should fire for the same error. Maybe you are simply not triggering the error?

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: dual CPU issues?
« on: 2021-09-02, 10:36:43 »
We did some more tests on a dual CPU machine (picked a pretty old CPU on purpose - 2x E5-2690 "v0") and we are still getting the expected performance in both your scene and the Corona Benchmark.
I am really not sure what else we could try. I am afraid only reproducing this issue on our end would give us some data.

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-09-01, 14:22:02 »
while Corona do not cleanup the images and staying on the same noise level for some areas in the internal (for example corners inside room).

Do you have a scene where the noise stays on the same level for a long time? This sounds like a bug.

I think it has to do with the way the data is sent in two directions. The switch can handle it. Two computers connected with a cable, not really.
But I'm not that great in hardware and networking, so maybe someone else can provide a better explanation.

Sorry, but still not possible.

(Internal ID=527355278)

Gallery / Re: Gaea's Bosom
« on: 2021-08-31, 19:36:10 »
Super nice, maybe I would tone down post-processing a bit.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Distance no object
« on: 2021-08-31, 19:32:00 »
This simply means that you have a Corona Distance map used in your scene and it has an empty "distance from" list. The solution is to locate the offending Corona Distance map (it must be used somewhere in your water material) and either remove it and replace it with something else, or pick an object to calculate the distance from.

If your computers are directly connected with a cable, this is not going to work. You will need to add a switch or a router* into the equation so that the setup would be:

[computer A] --- cable --- [switch] --- cable --- [computer B]

The good news is that a basic switch costs ~10 €.

*a "switch" is a switch and a "router" is a device which also has a switch functionality

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