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Please check this article covering the risks of using daily builds: Daily Builds FAQ
If you are familiar with the daily builds and know how to use them, download the newest one here:

  • Improved "alpha mode" tooltips.

  • Corona Light's "On" parameter now has control in the "Toggle all" row
  • Lights layout is rearranged to 1/ Suns, 2/ Lights, 3/ LightMtls
  • Occlude others" buttons are blue when checked and disabled
  • Added the assigned node name to displacement lister.
  • Fixed crash when deleting objects from a tab that is not visible.

  • Fixed issue where undoing anything related to 3ds Max lights during IR led to crash.
  • Fixed NANs that could rarely appear when switching to Orthographic camera in IR.

After renaming Corona UVWRandomizer to Corona MappingRandomizer it became indistinguishable from Corona MultiTexmap when collapsed, especially when creating large and complex  material trees in the slate material editor.

I have already confused them several times when working, so I wanted to suggest that you rename it back for the convenience of users, thanks.

PS. but in general, in my opinion, it’s high time to make a configurable number of inputs and outputs for this map, or add this functionality to corona bitmap or directly to coronaphysicalmtl in the advanced options section, why produce these identical copies of the randomizer with settings (-1 1) (-1 1) (0 360) complicating the material tree.

We have renamed all of the maps for example CMultimap instead of CoronaMultimap. Maxscript names should not be affected.



[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona 8 round edges
« on: 2023-05-25, 14:02:05 »
Due to popular demands, we have brought back the legacy option in v10.

You can grab the latest daily build and try it out here:

Please check this article covering the risks of using daily builds: Daily Builds FAQ
If you are familiar with the daily builds and know how to use them, download the newest one here:


  • Added support for multiple outputs to CoronaMappingRandomizer.
  • Added checkbox that enables/disabled tinting of clouds by sun color. Clouds are also no longer influenced by sun intensity (only by sky intensity).
  • Renamed texmaps from "Corona..." to "C..." in order to have more informative name in SME where only a portion of the name is displayed. MaxScript names are not affected.
  • RoundedEdges texmap has now the legacy button always visible.

  • Added support for CoronaDisplacementMod and materials with displacement section
  • Added control for "Previz type" property in the "Toggle all" row for Scatter and Proxy listers
  • Added action to delete a modifier, added actions to "Toggle all" row affecting all listed objects.
  • Minor UI enhancements (improved displaying long texts in combo boxes, styling of the column visibility dialog, ...).
  • "Color mode" options in Corona Sun now match the Sun's UI.
  • Removed cell highlighting (it was inconsistent).
  • Prevented assigning same names to multiple items of a same type.
  • Optimized selection of multiple scene items.
  • Camera name in tone mapping dialog now updates when reopening the dialog.
  • Cumulative selection of all objects or instances now creates a single undo entry.
  • Fixed crash when closing lister while "Column Visiblity" dialog is open.
  • Fixed lister dialog blocking 3ds Max hotkeys, removed switching focus by tab, fixed wrong assigning of nodes to lister modifier items when copying multiple instances at once.

  • Fixed issue where Decal was still affecting the base material (by changing its UVW coordinates) after all checkboxes in "Affect Base" rollout were disabled.
  • Fixed crash with TyFlow when using Mapping operator with Map channel other than 1.
  • Shadows from clouds no longer move with the camera.
  • Fixed issue where maps with Output rollout with Output amount lower than 1 were incorrectly exported to standalone.
  • Decal - Channels that are not affected by the decal now use the original (base) UVW mapping.

[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New Corona Lister Feedback
« on: 2023-05-16, 09:17:13 »
Yesterday had a scene with more than 100 lights objects; the moment I selected all with the lister and max froze.


Thanks for reporting this, which daily build are you using?


Please check this article covering the risks of using daily builds: Daily Builds FAQ
If you are familiar with the daily builds and know how to use them, download the newest one here:

  • Decal has now selectable channels (color, opacity, specular, emission, etc.) that influence what property of the base material it overrides.
  • Decal can now select whether its bump and displacement is added on top of the base material, replaces the base material or does not influence the base material.
  • Added support for multiple outputs maps. Currently used by Triplanar and Color Correct maps. (Only available in SME)
  • Added support for 3Ds Max Compound Node
  • Added a button to Corona toolbar that leads to Corona for 3ds Max help page

  • Added Corona Light Material suport
  • Added Corona Proxy support
  • Added "Toggle all" row that controls all listed objects
  • Added option to open tone mapping settings from camera lister
  • The color patch in a light row now displays color based on the current color mode (direct/temperature/grey for texture)
  • Lister dialog closes on scene reset/open (also fixes possible crashes)
  • General UI enhancements

  • Fixed import of refractive materials from Chaos Cosmos
  • Fixed crash when picking proxy from scene while having point cloud mode on
  • Fixed issue where renaming objects in lister did not propagate to 3ds Max
  • Fixed issue where Shadow Element was rendering wrong after some DOF solver related changes
  • Lister - Fixed issue where object with more instances had its controls disabled

Chaos Scatter
  • Replaced legacy maxscript Scatter lister with improved lister 2.0


Can you send over one of these scenes, and if possible a minidump, please?



[Max] Daily Builds / Re: New Corona Lister Feedback
« on: 2023-04-27, 10:04:35 »
add please
+ proxy
+ scatters
+ sun
+ sky
+ Environment
Proxy and scatter are coming in the next daily, Sun is already there you'll need to install the latest daily for it..

I'll make a note of the others :)



This has been fixed in the v10 daily builds.
Please make sure you are using the latest daily and let me know if you still get the problem.


Could you please issue Corona 9.2 I mean supporting MAX 2024

It's coming.. bare with us :)


Will there be Chinese version of Corona 10?

There is no Chinese version of Corona planned right now.




Issues with poor viewport performance should be fixed in the latest daily build.

I'll log the issue with the MappingRandomizer naming. I agree it's not ideal.



(Internal ID=1091528554)

Please check this article covering the risks of using daily builds: Daily Builds FAQ
If you are familiar with the daily builds and know how to use them, download the newest one here:

  • Added support for 3ds Max 2024
  • Added two fix-it actions for the error when out-of-core textures folder cannot be used. Those are - reset to default, and turn off out-of-core textures
  • Added support for randomization of XYZ object space mapping into Corona MappingRandomizer.
  • Improved Corona Decal "Visible in masks" tooltip
  • Corona now shows information about loading Corona assets (bitmaps, proxies, etc.) in the 3ds Max loading progress bar. (Max 2023+)
  • Fixed reporting of Windows version 10 on Windows 11

  • Spinbox behavior unified with the spinboxes in 3ds Max (adaptive step size + ability to increase/decrease the scrolling speed with Ctrl/Alt).
  • "Delete all" option creates a single undo event instead of one per each deleted instance.
  • Added right-click menu that shows the same actions as the actions button.
  • Fixed Ctrl+Z undo after deleting the listed item using the action menu.
  • Checkboxes are now centred, combobox can be scrolled even when closed.
  • Updated Lister Toolbar icon.

  • Fixed multiple issues with CoronaLight viewport drawing in several 3ds Max versions. (Poor performance, crashes, target line not being drawn with legacy driver)
  • Fixed issue where message box informing about reset of tonemapping settings in render settings was not modal.
  • Fixed issue where Clouds and Contrails offset values did not have all the animation options in 3ds Max compared to other parameters.
  • Modified how color spread is computed in CoronaAO map to avoid different results when changing sample count. Sample count was also renamed (and remapped) to quality.
  • Fixed infinite IR restart loop when editing curves in CoronaColorCorrect.
  • Fixed issue where Corona Standalone was missing ScatterCore_Release.dll dependency after installation.
  • Fixed issue where broken normals from Corona Proxy file were not always corrected.
  • Fixed a potential issue where 3ds Max could freeze while caching material editor previews and when updating the loading progress bar

Chaos Scatter
  • Fixed possible popping of instances when rendering animation in V-Ray while using collision avoidance. V-Ray 6 nightly 32011 or later is required.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona DR server not working
« on: 2023-03-28, 17:19:20 »

It looks like your DR node is running out of RAM. It states it's using 133/127 GB.

So it's probably spending a bunch of time copying stuff between the HDD page file and RAM. You can probably check this in task manager.

Can you try with a simple scene and see if it works?



Thanks guys - but this is is such a tedious way to do it.  Corona, cant you jsut enable it like you can do it in VRAY where you can just do it within the settings of the 3DS Max dialogue?  Backburner is dated and you have to map drives etc - its cumbersome.

This is a feature that vray has had since the start - cant you guys impliment it?

So we do have this tentatively planned. But as usual, I can't give you a timescale on it.



(Internal ID=1067522507)

I'll quote what I said here... 

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