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[Max] General Discussion / License not found.
« on: 2024-04-11, 13:54:49 »
I am usually always connected to the internet but today my broadband is having issues so I am unable to connect, corona is saying license not found. Surely you can use corona offline, even if it’s for a set amount of days?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-24, 17:30:27 »
If I remember correctly Corona's subscription started from 20/month. I do not recall the version number but I'm sure you wouldn't trade current Corona for the old one to save 10/month. You are getting more than you used to get. You might not like the things you are getting (Cosmos) but the value is there. Check car prices in Europe from the year Corona introduced subscription model to get some ideas about things getting expensive.

Regarding the USP? It is simply not there for you anymore most likely. But also look around and, if possible, show us a better deal from Chaos' competitors.

More doesn't mean better, I am creating as good a visual with 10 as I did with 7. And now because of the bloatware added onto 11 I am getting so many errors it is unusable in its current state, and having to swallow the price for it. Every time anyone tinkers with and adds to code of a program it creates the possibility of Nth amount of issues.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-23, 17:25:28 »
I regret my words in this post below in 2021 when complaining about the same this thread is complaining about.

Vray costs $700/year for the whole ecosystem.
Corona costs $360/year for a fraction of the services and development.

I don't get it.

I don't use scatter, cosmos, corona materias, scans or anything else other than core Corona. If the price increases were for the "ecosystem", I don't think it's justified for most of professional archviz artists.

Agree, it seems like they are just adding gimmicks to upsell

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-18, 14:09:23 »
The biggest gripe for me is that most of the "new features" of late, are half baked or experimental and have been for some time.  Rather than just a fully featured fully working new feature, they either don't work as epected or come with workarounds, exceptions and disclaimers.  And they never seem to make it out of that phase.  The focus of the last few releases seems to be around new users.  Experienced long time users of Max let alone Corona, don't need Power Tools or anything like that.  I can't see anyone that uses Forest Pack switching to Scatter when Forest Pack is about 10 years ahead in terms of development and isn't particularly expensive considering what it offers.  Never gonna please everyone I suppose.

I don't understand the 6 monthly release cycle anyway.  That alone has a rushed feeling about it.  Personally think the release cycle should be as follows:

Big Release - Exciting New Feature(s)
6 months later - Hotfix that fixes anything that was experimental/half baked in the Big Release
6 months later - Big Release

Rinse and repeat.

So you're getting a big release every year and then a smaller bug fixer in between that addresses ALL of the issues from the previous release.

I guess at the end of the day, for customers to be okay with price increases they need to feel like they're getting value for their money.  And of late (last few releases) it doesn't feel like that.  Higher Cost + Less Features = Sour Taste.

if they gave me the option to buy a perpetual of 9 or 10 I would jump at the chance and never look back... price hikes and way more instability is adding insult to injury.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Price Increase
« on: 2024-01-17, 21:59:17 »
I can't even use the latest corona due to a sudden influx on NaN issues, and they had the cheek to say it must be something I am doing wrong or using something different ( only difference is using the latest version ), I have gone back to 10 as its the most stable for me now and will be looking at alternatives in the near future as the price increase with a huge increase in errors is the tipping point for me.  I guess what did we expect once it was sold to a corp.

It should be like that if you used your formula previously as you mention in your first post. And Corona should do conversion correctly both ways unless there is bug. (Only exception is when you reach 99999 value)

Example I just quickly tried:

Light A: 100cm x 5cm 5000 Lumen = 46 W/srm2
Light B: 200cm x 5cm 46 W/srm2 = 10000 Lumen

Works as expected. Watts per surface stay constant, Lumens as direct total luminosity adjust accordingly.

Thanks, just did some more tests and yes it works as expected, I still cant seem to grasp how it works out the initial Default number but seeing it work fine is good enough for me. Thanks for your help.

After setting initial amount in Lumens, change to Watts. It will convert the value and the Watts are measured per square area so the total intensity will scale up & down with size change.
Perfect, thank you. BUT.. when I go into the light lister and change from lumens to default it changes every single light to 69.9 W no matter the lumens, if I change it back it still shows the correct lumens- should this be the case ?

Not sure if this has been asked before but is there any way we could have a setting where the light would scale up/down its lumens if the light rectangle remains constant in width but becomes longer eg, the LED is 1cm wide and 450 lumens at 30cm- that becomes scalable dependent on length ? would save quite a bit of time especially when it can be dialed in once and then left to work throughout the scene on multiple length strip lights. At the moment I have to use this calculation on each strip light :: length divided by 30 x 450 = lumens needed

Whenever I try and use region more than once or try and change light settings or make a  light unique in RC3 while using Interactive render it crashes very frequently on every scene project I use- 3ds max always asks if I want to save the scene first unlike a complete crash with no warning. Dual Xeon PC 3ds max 2023

Just using native corona maps and both machines on exact same versions. I also dont understand how the Node is picking up 99% of the texture.jpgs but missing the multimap ones, and they are in the same folder structure as everything else that is seen. Thats why I thought maybe the combination of randomizer multimap etc isnt playing nice in the node.

I have a Physical material-coronaUVWRandomizer-Corona Colour correct-Corona Multimap with 7 textures in the multimap.

Everything works fine on my Main workstation but the DR machine is rendering strange and coming up with 'Texture map plugin missing' with Offending maps I cannot find in my scene.

Is this a limitation of the Daily Builds at the moment or is there something wrong with Corona? I am using Windows 10, latest build on both machines.

It Seems like the bloom glare crash has resurfaced. Using the latest daily build on my Xeon slave and when I come to save with bloom and glare it freezes again. Happened 3 times now. Saving as cxr seems to work,. Also had a freeze when clicking Ctrl+C this morning. Mini dump saved and sending now

Well, there were no changes to DR in this release, so this one is unlikely to be a bug. More likely to be an installation or firewall issue. Here are the guides:

Let us know if anything there resolves the issue, ty!

Thanks, the only thing I have done since this morning is update from the final daily to the latest release so not sure what has happened. Will try uninstall everything and go from scratch, but before that will do the region render mod from the helpful comment above and hopefully see if that jump starts it.

Anyone having any issues with DR? everything has worked perfectly up until the latest build and now it keeps parsing the scene in DR and then comes up red with connection failed? Both machines see each other but keeps timing out. Never had this before. Any ideas?

Just to ask the obvious and make sure - did you update Corona and DR on all the slave machines so they have exactly the same version of Corona installed? Also, by "latest build" do you mean "Final released version"? And other thought, be sure firewalls are set to allow the connections through (not impossible there's been an update to the firewall, or that the updated Corona needs some sort of update to your settings depending on how it was set up to let it through).

Yes, both machines have the final released version. I thought the firewall may be an issue but switched it all off and still no luck. One question when installing the latest release would that update everything, DR included as I do not install manually but just hit update on both machines?

Its Ironic that I found Corona to be so much faster in achieving good results but now find I spend twice as long trying to figure out how to work around all the bugs.

Anyone having any issues with DR? everything has worked perfectly up until the latest build and now it keeps parsing the scene in DR and then comes up red with connection failed? Both machines see each other but keeps timing out. Never had this before. Any ideas?

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