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It would be really nice if Corona edge map could work with Chaos scatter. Currently it does nothing when assigned as density or transformational map.

[Max] Bug Reporting / CBitmap - environment blur issue
« on: 2023-10-10, 14:55:32 »
3ds Max 2024.1 Corona 10 HF2

If environment texture is loaded through Corona bitmap, then its filtering blur is affected by the extents of the scene. The issue is not present when environment is loaded through Max bitmap. Video and the simple scene are attached to the post.

When hide unused nodeslots is activated, an output handle is missing in Corona maps that were enhanced with multiple inputs / outputs. That makes work in slate editor unnecessarily frustrating.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Corona bitmap "view image" issue
« on: 2023-08-27, 16:02:15 »
3ds Max 2024.1, Corona 10 HF1

When image is loaded with auto gamma in Corona bitmap, it displays incorrect in view image window. Fortunately this does not affect rendering in any way, but nonetheless it poses quite significant issue in my workflow. I hope to see this fixed in V11 dailies together with other Corona bitmap issues that was introduced in 3ds Max 2024

[Max] Feature Requests / "Save defaults..." location
« on: 2023-08-06, 20:02:19 »
Please move save defaults from developments/experimental stuff rollout to systems settings window. I think it makes no sense to have it at its current location, not to mention that because of this it is impossible to save UI configuration where dev/experimental rollout would be hidden.

I don't like how with addition of multiple inputs certain Corona nodes became too fat. It would be really nice if you could make them slim again. And also additional request for corona triplanar - maybe it's worth to not show Y, Z inputs/outputs when "use map X for all axes" is selected. This would be especially useful when triplanar has more than one input/output.

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