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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona GPU rendering
« on: 2015-03-10, 13:51:29 »
No need to get mad if i out myself :D Trolling you a bit, you know i love you so stop bitching and tripping.
I wish i could see what is your original post, damn i couldn't catch it, i hope it isn't just typo... It must be some serious shit either way.

Gallery / Re: Olympic Man by Libra
« on: 2015-03-10, 00:14:22 »
No prob, it renders fine here maybe someone else will report same issue if there is any so i could take a look.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona GPU rendering
« on: 2015-03-10, 00:12:21 »
Yes i agree, there is no real cross reference here apart the fact we are keep seeing more and more RS that are quite capable in providing same results on cpu/gpu, it is more of a Bike vs car stuff, someone can go around the world with bike and someone can't drive to the store it all depends on many factors.
I can't discuss publicly but this retail price for 2680v3 processors is insane... cheapest i did find was 1400e so this was very good deal(no it didn't fall of the truck :))
I can't find titan-z(i was discussing them since those are the ones used for octane RS) for less then 1.5k i know titan-x will be killer and cheaper but when it gets out, right now price is big mystery someone is saying 1k others 1.3k.
It is matter of some time(years) when gpu(or some other form of more compact architecture) will take over, just 2-3 years ago you could fry egg on mid range gpu, now you have beast that don't even get warm(over exaggerating :))
I used and tried few of GPU RS they are not as nearly "flamboyant" types you are willing to jump in bed when you lay eyes on them for the first time, but when you get them home... :D More of a plastic fantastic types that keep their teeth on night table and garter belt they bought from Top shop... but they know how to talk dirty and sometimes it is exactly what you want, but they are dyslectic so do not expect them to read you bed time story...

I tried 2x780gtx and it doesn't even come close to let's say 2x4930k, i am talking not only one gpu/cpu RS but several tests. I don't have titans but 2680v3 is beast and Vray and Corona go well with it.
12gb is joke, it cramps style of(few months in project) i don't care anymore(yes when you are listening to Ramones), no one will be willing to be extra careful with texture size, meshes etc. so it could fit in 12gb of ram... I am sure that 99% of people would rather save few days there as they wouldn't have to clean scene meshes and different assets... and have those extra days for longer rendering(but it isn't).
Already saw those papers, they are quite old... Anyhow lots of new stuff is coming soon, nvidia is already failed to fulfill their promises(last couple of years) things are rolling slowly and i am sure CPU giant Intel wouldn't let P4 fiasco to happen again same as AMD claim to have ace in their sleeve for 2016.
Things weren't so openly secretive for quite some time and who knows what might happen, but i am sure in one thing that GPU isn't only thing right now that wants piece of cake.
I think it is more of standardization of industry that will win at the end, that is why you can see UE starting to take of, it is based on something old more or less standardized, usually to change things you need more revolutionary approach and for now i don't see anything else except Corona to do this(no this is not fanboyism) i hate the fact i have to learn new RS again, i hate the fact i had to spent 300e on another piece of software, i hate lots of shit but i have to take bow to Ondra(and puke on his new yellow later pattent shoes while taking that bow and thank him at the end) as standardization based on monopoly is worst type...
All this seems to me like i saw it before, oh yes i did...
Sorry ondra i puked on your new shoes i will buy you new ones next year :D

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona GPU rendering
« on: 2015-03-09, 22:04:57 »
I know it is possible, but i am talking of minimum 5930(40 pci lanes) cuz of memory bandwidth needed to feed those gpus, run max etc... well you get picture, it would be insane using similar setup like you would in crypto mining.

Let's say 5930k+mobo(around 700e)+memory 32gb(400e) case and all other stuff: ssd, cooling etc.(500e) + 4 titans that are around?!(1.5k piece?) + psu(that have to be at least 1.5kw(250-300e)= 7900e
This will draw 1.5kw from socket under full load...

I don't know how much is your setup(i see you have something similar) but here is mine and it is lot cheaper from this GPU build...
2x2680 v3(2300e) + 530e(asus z10-pe w16 mobo) + 760e 64gb crucial ecc ddr4 + chief case(100e) + 2 Noctua u14s(120e) 240gb intel ssd 730(200e) + (ss 850w)psu 150e =4160e
No gpu...
This draw around 500w from socket full load(checked with UPS)
This is render node and even if i am to use this as WS it will have 780ti(more than enough) so how is this more expensive, it is cheaper, faster, more versatile and above everything else more economical.

[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona GPU rendering
« on: 2015-03-09, 20:17:48 »
If you spend that much money on any hardware things will be fast no question about it, it is 4 titans...
And he has some details missing on curtains...
Anyways, corona bench is somewhat not optimized for dual systems... 2680v3 x 2 give smaller results than 5960x OC to 4.2ghz and it ias more then double faster in corona 1.0... so if one 5960x(4.2ghz) do this bench in about 02min:22sec realistic expectations are that 2x2680v3 do bench in half that time, and this system is much cheaper than his 3k GPU vs 3k CPU, even 5960x is very fast.
In both cases you will need same stuff(except gpu for rendering node that uses cpu) but you can't place 4gpus in shit MB or with slow CPU and that make additional cost that place nail in GPU rendering coffin(for now).

Gallery / Re: Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-03-09, 19:51:19 »
I think it was around few hours, cant remember sorry :|

Gallery / Olympic Man by Libra
« on: 2015-03-09, 19:30:19 »
Hi guys, i want to share with you personal project or object :D
Olympic man from Libra Company.
I did this model some time ago, i decided to rework it for corona render and share it with all people out there.
Textures are 8k x 8k, model is quad poly, around 600k, it is done in zbrush, exported to max and rendered with Corona 1.0.
It is real world scale, free for personal or commercial projects.
Link to behance:
Link to the model:
It is just uploaded please let me know if there is something wrong with download link.

Gallery / Re: BMW X5 Forest
« on: 2015-03-09, 12:14:31 »
Cool looking stuff!

Gallery / Re: Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-03-06, 17:41:01 »
Hey, 32bit EXR, nothing spectacular, same as every other photo.   <---this is HDRI i used for day setup.
I think WB was set around 6500k and in combo with 4000k spots everything leveled up pretty much, maybe i did additional wb correction in PS i really can't remember.

Gallery / Re: Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-03-05, 13:05:00 »
@Lius86:Thanks, Yes it was HDRI with inverse gamma .9, all settings default except camera settings.
@Michaltimko:Thanks, i had few too many yesterday :D
@Bluebox:Thanks,  yes usually it is, sometimes battle with clients leave you with rubble, similar to what you see in any urban environment battle(war) and that eventually get you questioning is it still worth battle it since everything is leveled down.
Few projects before i made such a SHIT that i would be pretty much embarrassed even to show it publicly, and since nothing was my call i decided to ignore it... :) placed it under carpet with rest of miserable things...
Usually relationship between clients go "Listen, i know best, you will do what i am paying you, you are providing services and i give you ca$h in exchange" with some crazy deadlines, 16hours of work but you are payed half of that, 100 revisions etc.
There is also people(clients) who actually know better and let you do your thing, those guys know difference, have confidence in you and what is more important let you do your job, they do not suffer from power crave, they know if they knew better they would probably do it on their own.
And again no one is perfect, there is lots of mistakes always, nor project could be always perfect and suiting to you, there is still lots of things pressuring you like time frame, budget or simply maybe you do not like it a bit.
You either can work those differences with client or not, you try and educate them, try convincing them but hey at the end of the day if they insist on some wood table with classic Scandinavian furniture or pink console table etc. and loads of all kind of silly request that are not meant to be... you try and minimize it as much as you can and grab bottle of Jack Daniels to help you swallow loads of that shit.
That is why you can see work today that is looking like someone is raping industry and that it looks like it was made 2004, those guys decided self preservation(ca$h in today's terms) over artistry and they are right on one side.
I do have great respect to anyone like BB or whoever(there is full Behance of guys doing great job in every aspect) who is trying to show people(possible future clients) how something suppose to look like and what is all about instead blind fulfillment of their sometimes stupid wishes, it is educational and inspiring but again someone will always turn his head on other side, show inertness and avoid to see any difference.
Same goes in almost any industry today unfortunately, i don't have to tell anyone that not a single song today has any future but quite contrary it has expiration date... And there is only few guys that are truly independent who can make their own terms and conditions. And that road is filled with crows feet, IED, mad clients, hoodlums and crazy fat ladies that sings so you have to pass all those on single life and not get killed and on top having willingness to work after you seen all that :D
That is why you drink, that is why your back hurts, that is why you need rest, that is why you need to be tactical and that is why you need to have one eye shut down not able to see too much, as if you do it will spoil you.
This is short story based on my experience, yours can be different and you can say different stuff and so on but again everyone have his own path :)

Gallery / Re: Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-03-04, 17:45:29 »
Guys, thanks you've find time to reflect on it, please do not start measuring things.
I have great respect for BB work same as work from both of you, sometimes things are not in complete control(my control) there is clear demands and sometimes even if i see they are wrong i have to be tactical and accept them and i  avoid getting angry at client for requesting things i know they are wrong or look they prefer etc. i try to minimize or control as much as possible even though i do keep constant battle with them.
I am still accommodating to corona, bump, displace(and lots of other things) are quite different and i did got pissed when i realized at 4500 x 4500 there is too much bump but didn't have time to render everything again.
Of course there is mistakes and shitload of things there could be corrected but it is type of situation "everyone could be general after battle"
Once again, i do appreciate comments with explanation from the point that someone noticed something i maybe also noticed or didn't or whatever reason.
@MT there was topic few months ago about same thing, it was regarding to similar type of comments "are you serious" etc. i think someone place it in general discussion section, but anyways and always with similar type of things time will tell(be judge) same as people, and i do not mind it, but!
You said : "Of course, you have your opinion and im ok with that, just trying to explain what i see" which is fine, but that was in your second post.
First one was "Are you serious ?" far away from "i am ok with that" so please be ok with it if you are, or if you are not don't be, just don't claim you are but you aren't it is kinda confusing :D
Drinks for both of you!

Gallery / Re: Nissan GTR | Studio
« on: 2015-03-04, 12:24:28 »
Very good! Lighting is marvelous!

Gallery / Re: Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-03-03, 19:47:49 »
Thank you expert, for opening our eyes :D 

Gallery / Re: Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-03-03, 14:46:07 »
Addition to this project few images of Master bedroom.
Settings at default values.
More images

Gallery / Re: Tavistock Penthouse
« on: 2015-02-20, 11:55:00 »
Thanks guys!

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