Author Topic: Corona Renderer for ARCHICAD Alpha 4 daily build - Changelog  (Read 3554 times)

2019-10-07, 15:08:19


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Changes in Corona Renderer for ArchiCAD Alpha 4 (Daily Build 2019-10-07) (
  • Added
    • Added new caustics
    • Support of selecting multiple lights via marquee or by picking one by one for the Light Select render element
    • Added Include rest the Light Select render element
    • Added fisheye camera
    • Added spherical camera
    • Added cylindrical camera
    • Added cubemap camera
    • Added VR camera
    • Added bokeh to camera (circular, polygonal, custom)
    • Added lens distortion (cubic or defined by bitmap)
    • Added fresnel effect
  • Changed
    • Updated and improved camera panel
  • Fixed
    • Fixed crash when re-selecting material from Surface Painter
    • Fixed crash when trying to add more than one light at once in the Render Element Shading/Light Select dialog
    • Fixed missing icon for the uninstaller
    • Fixed missing render elements in the VFB window
    • Improved the overall reliability of the VFB window
    • Fixed issue that allows the opening more than one file dialog window via the Select button in the Surface editor
    • Render Elements dialog will not crash when you are selecting a texture for the Texture render element
    • Include sun and Include Environment are now updated to the latest Corona core and are working as expected
    • Improved the behavior of the dialogs (mainly if the Texture dialog was open)
    • Fixed region rendering in the VFB window
    • Fixed units for tweaking DOF settings
    • Minor UI tweaks
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