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2022-08-12, 09:43:37


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Hello I created a Topic with serveral suggestions for improvments.
now I read only one topic for one feature request... so I start a new one

The Renderelement Mask_ID is not very intuitive when it comes to reflections. Why I have to tell the surrounding Materials that it have to propagate masks in reflections?

In Fstorm you tell the RenderElement wich object you you want to mask and then say if it also affects reflection/refraction.
You dont have to touch the surrounding materials for that information to propagate.

Maybe you could add this isnstead of going through every material :-)

Thanks in advance

2022-08-24, 11:50:57
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You can use the following script to turn on and off propagation depending on your need at once in your whole scene.

The following script will work only with Corona's physical material.

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