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[Max] General Discussion / Re: Corona DR + deadline problem
« on: 2022-01-18, 22:05:35 »
Hi Maru,

I emailed Deadline and some of the issues they say are coming from the latest versions of Corona and I think the same can be said for the deadline. Deadline is an awesome renderer and if it functions correctly its able to handle on-premises rendering, cloud rendering, and DR, and above all that It can handle most 3d platform traffic.

The question I have is...Can the latest version of Corona and deadline work? Is the Corona team conducting tests on compatibility?

Thanks, Alex

Gallery / Re: Ananya
« on: 2022-01-13, 20:34:10 »
Feedback? Its incredible! Amazing work, a true eye catcher even for archvizers, I cant imagine clients reactions.

Hi Corona Team,

As you may know in some instances it's almost impossible to go inspect every material in the scene, and in reality, there are some things we need to let go to push forward, like materializing every object. I know you can convert these materials, but I want to keep my Corona Legacy on my library material for now.

So I am proposing to make Corona better is to keep the red/white glowy message on IR and in render it should render gray flat gray with no light bounces.

Thank you for pointing me to that. Thats what I needed.

Hi Corona team,

Can you add a function in the modify panel properties that will enable the user to set values/parameters for the "visible directly" option?

In reality, a person can look directly into the light source and see the components of a bulb, for example, the housing, filament, gas, and led chips. For the most part, renderings burn out the light source, and all we see is a burned circle in the image, which takes away from human-based realism.

I know there are methods to doing this like using two lights sources 1. One light to light up your scene and 2. Light up the light housing or the source either through a Coronalight or CoronaLightMtl with less intensity values.

But what if all the properties are encapsulated in one light under it's properties.

[Max] Resolved Feature Requests / Fog that's zdepth based
« on: 2021-09-24, 20:11:10 »
Hi Mr. Ondra,
Can you consider a function to add fog based on a gradient map method (like Z-depth)? I think CoronaVolume material is great, but it's too realistic. I would like to see more Hollywood-type fog.

I know I can do this in post, but I would like the option to have it baked in the output.

Hi Johan,
Not yet, but I will downgrade if the problem persists. I am testing a lot of scenarios at the moment, for example, I'm testing a file where I am slowing appending items like geometry, then camera, then render params, etc.

One of the nice things about Deadline is that it's really zippy/snappy and getting access to cloud rendering in conjunction with local machines is crucial. 

Hi Alex...
Yeah, Pulze is nice! But my only drawback is that it only works with 3dsmax. I need Blender in the pipeline.
I'm trying some things and hopefully, I'll get to the root of the problem.

Johan, that's great to hear! Hopefully, I can get my problem resolved, I would like to know what's causing it. I'm not sure if it's coming from 3dsmax, corona, or deadline.

Just saw this.
I'm having the same issue with Deadline + Corona 7
Is this the error you're getting?
Error: FailRenderException : RenderTask: Unexpected exception (Exception caught in 3ds max: -- Syntax error: at keyword parameter, expected <factor>

Thanks Guys!

What Tom stated is exactly what I was aiming for, sorry for the slang I should been more clear.

Thanks Juraj and Johan, that helps in understanding where problems may arise when it goes past 128gb. Personally I haven't passed the 128gb threshold, but I can tell you for sure that in my working files 64gb is not enough anymore, Thanks guys!


General CG Discussion / Has anyone tapped out 128gb of RAM?
« on: 2020-09-22, 23:32:46 »
Has anyone tapped out 128gb of RAM? If that's the case, can you share examples and stories?

I'll be the first to ask:

"Note: further colors/maps are accessible via maxscript"

This shows up in CoronaMultiMap. I went to an overkill of 33 slots and all loaded fine but I can't edit the frequency parameter past 24 in the slate editor.

By the way this for a leaf map from megascans it has 33 leaves in a single map.

Sounds great.

You'll probably want to hear of use cases to justify the dev time... For me, it was something I'd loved to have on every job when rendering against a real world photo plate. Especially in product renders, or mockups where you get a background with visible DOF. Using postproduction to compose the render over the original backplate is viable only if the rendered content is sharp everywhere. As soon as it gets blurred from DOF you'll have the problem that your rendered image will still have some info of the double-DOF in non-black alpha areas which can be problematic in post, up to the point where you can't get a good result depending on how extreme the Bokeh is.

If you know in advance that you will comp the image, then the image should always be rendered over black (environment primary rays not visible to camera). Then there is always no problems with anti-aliased pixels, no matter how much DoF or motion blur there is.

Personally I never understand why anyone renders over anything else but black, as the minutes it takes to put image A over image B in comp far outweighs the hours of re-rendering because you forgot something, or you needed to colour correct something a little.

I'd rather see that dev time go to towards actual limiting bugs in Corona.

Please don't derail the subject at hand. This conversation is not about post, its strictly VFB.

It's probable that this image may present the same problem upon close observation. 

Rare to ask, yes it is. But the problem is quite common in corona rendering if you examine the images. I come across several images that are taken from the VFB where the model is shaper than background and this produces an uncanny valley effect.

Thank you Pokoy for adding your experience and your problem is parallel to what I've posted as an example.

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