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I'll be the first to ask:

"Note: further colors/maps are accessible via maxscript"

This shows up in CoronaMultiMap. I went to an overkill of 33 slots and all loaded fine but I can't edit the frequency parameter past 24 in the slate editor.

By the way this for a leaf map from megascans it has 33 leaves in a single map.

I need help / Re: DOF and Chromatic Abberation on backplate
« on: 2019-12-06, 20:14:19 »
Sounds great.

You'll probably want to hear of use cases to justify the dev time... For me, it was something I'd loved to have on every job when rendering against a real world photo plate. Especially in product renders, or mockups where you get a background with visible DOF. Using postproduction to compose the render over the original backplate is viable only if the rendered content is sharp everywhere. As soon as it gets blurred from DOF you'll have the problem that your rendered image will still have some info of the double-DOF in non-black alpha areas which can be problematic in post, up to the point where you can't get a good result depending on how extreme the Bokeh is.

If you know in advance that you will comp the image, then the image should always be rendered over black (environment primary rays not visible to camera). Then there is always no problems with anti-aliased pixels, no matter how much DoF or motion blur there is.

Personally I never understand why anyone renders over anything else but black, as the minutes it takes to put image A over image B in comp far outweighs the hours of re-rendering because you forgot something, or you needed to colour correct something a little.

I'd rather see that dev time go to towards actual limiting bugs in Corona.

Please don't derail the subject at hand. This conversation is not about post, its strictly VFB.

I need help / Re: DOF and Chromatic Abberation on backplate
« on: 2019-12-06, 19:23:03 »
It's probable that this image may present the same problem upon close observation. 

I need help / Re: DOF and Chromatic Abberation on backplate
« on: 2019-12-06, 19:13:21 »
Rare to ask, yes it is. But the problem is quite common in corona rendering if you examine the images. I come across several images that are taken from the VFB where the model is shaper than background and this produces an uncanny valley effect.

Thank you Pokoy for adding your experience and your problem is parallel to what I've posted as an example.

I need help / DOF and Chromatic Abberation on backplate
« on: 2019-12-06, 05:22:14 »
Hi Corona Team,

I would like to add depth of field and chromatic aberration to the camera to match more or less the photographic effect of the backplate. Currently, If I were to add these effects on the camera it gets pre-multiplied on the backplate. I know I can solve this in post, but my question is directed in achieving this in the VFB.

Can we have an option to ignore DOF and Bokeh on the backplate. Or is it possible to do this now?

Thanks for the clarification Tom.

Hi Maru,
I got the information from an official Corona video. Here: Video goes to the current frame where it is said "turn off denoising to avoid an error message"

I don't know if its necessary, since I haven't tested and examine the file for any type of flickering or abnormality. Since I follow this rule, because it's in the video, I find annoying that in the rush of things I forget to disable the denoiser (my fault).

So lately I been asking myself, is this step even necessary?? Can I skip it?

I need help / disabling denoising when creating aUHD file
« on: 2019-11-14, 22:04:01 »
In the latest releases of corona is it still necessary to disable denoising when saving/creating a UHD file?

Thank you. -Alex

I need help / Re: Bezier Float Controller for CoronaBitmap
« on: 2019-11-13, 18:13:29 »
What Romullus suggest worked fine. Thank you for the video link.

I need help / Re: Bezier Float Controller for CoronaBitmap
« on: 2019-11-11, 21:09:48 »
Hi Romullus, the 3point controller worked and it updates during interactive rendering. However the Rotate (Degrees) Environment did not translate the numerical value in the U:Offset to Degrees, but that's Ok. I just want to be able to spin it artistically.

Thank you!


I need help / Re: Bezier Float Controller for CoronaBitmap
« on: 2019-11-11, 19:40:23 »
I shall try Romullus, most likely you are using the latest version of Corona.

Do you know if this works with corona 4 hotfix 1?


I need help / Re: Bezier Float Controller for CoronaBitmap
« on: 2019-11-11, 18:03:34 »
That's not it. It doesn't work with an HDRI. However in theory its the same, but if you examine your controller you'll see that viewport it does not change.

I have reason to believe that the ROTATE (DEGREES) ENVIRONMENT is just a translator to degrees taken from U: OFFSET. Corona Team can you confirm this?

I need help / Bezier Float Controller for CoronaBitmap
« on: 2019-11-10, 23:37:24 »
Hi Corona Team,

I would like to spin my HDRI using a bezier controller. Does the team know why I'm not able to target the ROTATE (DEGREES): ENVIRONMENT spinner in corona or the U: OFFSET in 3dsmax?
I know it's possible with the regular bitmap loader I am just wondering why the controller is not the same in CoronaBitmap.
Thank you - Alex

General Discussion / ScatterPro
« on: 2019-11-07, 14:37:01 »
What's happening with ScatterPro? Anyone know?

General Discussion / Re: IOR 1.52
« on: 2019-11-06, 10:42:38 »
Thank you for the reply. Interesting!

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