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Sometimes ive found a situation where ive started a render and want to adjust the noise limit. Usually when a scene cleans up faster than expected but dont want to stop the render.
Is there any reason why we couldnt adjust the limits on the fly during the rendering process in the VFB?

In corona 7 im experiencing some issue with Multimap whereby it is set to randomise by instance across 20 different objects with ten different bitmaps but after manually changing the seed around 40 times without being able to find a single iteration where a bank of six objects next to each other, werent having the same map applied, i gave up and ended up manually assigning material IDs.

Ive not noticed this before in previous versions. Has anyone else seen similar behaviour?

[Max] I need help! / Iridescent/Metallic glass shader
« on: 2021-11-22, 18:16:39 »
Has anyone got any thoughts on how to make a glass shader similar to the attached image?
Im thinking theres some mix of glass, thinfilm and maybe a metal shader but im struggling to find the right balance or create something physically plausible.
I believe its glass but its been coated inside with a metal of some sort.

Im trying to achieve some motion blur on an object with animated texture coordinates but so far im not able to get it working. Does corona's motion blur work with changes in uv coordinate or does it have to be either geometry motion or camera motion?

When merging lightmix layers from a file, if the lights exist in the new file, the lightmix layers should pick them up.
Ive just merged a large file to a new file when trying to troubleshoot some corona specific issues and having to set up 20+ lightmix layers again from scratch is a major annoyance when all of the objects associated with the merged render elements are still in the scene.

[Max] Feature Requests / Generate lightmix by layer
« on: 2021-09-22, 09:42:40 »
It would be great if there was an option to generate lightmix layers by scene layer. I'm sure many of us use layers to organise our scenes and being able to auto-generate this way would save me alot of time in larger projects.

I want to add a bit pf patchy variation across a fabric surface to simulate panels stitched together. Im looking for a way either with corona or some OSL shaders that would let me randomise the gamma of a single tiling bitmap so every time it tiles its slightly different. Has anyone got any ideas on how this might be achieved?

[Max] Feature Requests / Lock IR window size
« on: 2021-08-15, 21:55:30 »
Im aware this has been requested dozens of times over the last 5 or so years but has never made its way into a release or even onto the Trello for some reason.
I cant be the only person using a 4k monitor here and im sure we all have the same problem with IR where it accidentally resizes itself to full screen.
Its insanely irritating and id love to finally see something done about it in the next version.

A simple lock window size button would solve a problem many many users here have complained about for years of the IR window randomly resizing itself when interacting with it.
The links below are just a few of the requests. The last link is four pages of +1s from 2017 so its clearly a needed feature by some of the most vocal users on here.

this sure seems like a popular topic... ;)

I followed up in the same thread asking if it would be in V4 and the thread got posts over the next 3 years but 4 versions later its still being requested.
C4D appears to have a 'max IR resolution' feature already. Why not max?

Just this week someone has requested the same thing and was told it isnt a priority feature.
It would be great if this could become a priority 'small annoying thing' fix and make its way into the next version :)

Im aware its early days for the service but im wondering if theres any update as to when/if we might see integration with chaos cloud on the horizon?
Im guessing it would be part of a major release at some point in future but is there anything you can tell us about any goals you have for when you might be looking to integrate?

Im excited to not have to deal with the quirks and lack of standardization across different render farms and just having something natively will be a huge quality of life improvement!

Is there a way to access the corona bitmap real world map parameters with a controller? I see there is a checkbox for the control but no 'size' parameters.
With the advent of the new pbr workflow it would make it alot easier top set up real world maps if this control was accessible so you only have to adjust one controller to resize your entire material.
So unless im missing something completely this is either a help thread or a feature request thread :D

IR Appears to be rendering objects that are hidden. The objects disappears if it gets deleted.
Max 2022 and Corona 6 hf2.

When using the distance map and adding items, if i click something it doesn't like and receive the dependency loop warning, Max locks up completely for ten minutes or more.
I cant click any dialog boxes or windows or click OK in the error popup.

This is with Max 2021 and Corona 5.
Im not sure if its reproduceable in other versions as we are locked due to deadline not fully supporting corona 6.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Zdepth showing strange vignetting
« on: 2021-03-18, 17:23:41 »
Im rendering a large flat sheet and using either camera environment ranges or max min values, i get strange vignetting on the zdepth pass.
Is this a known bug?

I was playing around with lighting tests and got playing with caustics and a mirror ball. So i built a quick test setup and soon realised that while the light thats hitting the mirror ball emits as expected with volumetric streaks, the reflected light bouncing from the ball to the walls does not produce the same 'god rays' but still displays the correct brightness on the walls.

I would assume the reflected light would infact produce a ray as bright as the incoming light when reflected of a perfect mirror this way and should therefore produce a beam.
Is this a restriction of the caustics solver? Im aware this is a pretty niche use case.

[Max] Feature Requests / Timestamps on error messages
« on: 2021-02-23, 13:35:25 »
Hi, Its not that important but it would be nice to have timestamps on the errors in the error messages window for those times when youre debugging a scene.

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