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First you tell us it will only be more expensive for people who create a new subscription or change their plan.
Then we get an e-mail telling us about a hefty price change without any further explanation.
I ask for help and clarification and get a one line reply with a link to a site stating that you are not ready yet and cant say anything specific.
I am a bit confused, to say the least, and am eagerly awaiting further information when it arrives...

P.S.: Would have loved to have a least one render node for free... Would have been great to be able to throw some test renderings onto the farm while I keep working on the scene.

Correct that if you have an existing subscription, and keep it renewing, you keep the same render nodes (and pricing) that you currently have.

My boss just got an e-mail telling us our subsription plan got a lot more expensive, from 25 Euros to 60.
Granted, we got 3 work nodes in our plan, too, but we did not change our subscription plan on our own, we had those in our plan for ages...
Can we at least downgrade our plan without paying the new prices?

General CG Discussion / Re: Arrange / Distribute Objects
« on: 2021-09-26, 18:15:56 »
Glad I was of some help!

Technically everything you ask for is possible, I guess.
The problem is that I really do not have any time at hand right now.
I have several projects that occupy me quite heavily at the moment.

The spacing is determined by the bounding box, yes.
It searches for the biggest object in the selection and the uses that as a base for all the other objects.

I can not promise anything further than what I assembled already, I will try to remember this for when things quiet down a bit (not in the next two weeks)
If you'd like, take a poke at the .ms file yourself and ask for help if you get stuck.

General CG Discussion / Re: Arrange / Distribute Objects
« on: 2021-09-17, 17:19:19 »
Again, sorry for not having read thoroughly.

I hope I can make it up with the little script I attached.
Once installed, you can find it in the "" category in the "Customize User Interface" window.

It does not check if your selection is correct. If you do not have anything selected it throws an error.
Also, I did not test it on groups...
There is probably a lot more to sanitize, but I gotta go in 10 minutes...

It does however set the grid size automatically depending on the biggest object that is selected.
I also implemented an undo, if needed.

General CG Discussion / Re: Arrange / Distribute Objects
« on: 2021-09-17, 09:21:40 »
Sorry for not having read properly...

Does this Script snippet by Bobo help you?

General CG Discussion / Re: Arrange / Distribute Objects
« on: 2021-09-16, 15:18:20 »
Maybethis clone modifier by iToo helps?

You can add it to the stack twice, one for the rows, the second for the columns.
(If its the same object over and over again, which is your user case, if Im correct.)

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: The most wanted feature?
« on: 2021-09-16, 13:43:51 »
I just wanted to emphasize how crucial it is for some projects to have an easy object outlining solution.

Yes, I know about the "copy your geo and flip it" and the "just use edge texture + ao" workarounds.
They work sometimes, but there are enough situations where it doesnt or where its not feasable.
And yes, I could use a different renderer for that, but thats a hassle, because upon changing it, Corona`s settings are reset and I need to composite the two renderings in PS, too.

I tried to remedy the lack thereof through OSL, which is futile, because OSL can not get the needed rendering information in the MAX implemenation.
ShaderFX doesnt work, because Corona does not support DirectX shaders.
Another idea was to somehow maybe render the artistic viewport shading styles onto the image, but how would that work and also, they do can not be changed (Edge Width, etc.).

According to the roadmap this feature was already twice on the agenda, for versions 4 and 5, but since has been neglected.
I feel like everything else on the poll can either be done by someone who knows a bit of Python or Maxscript (adding materials to the library => just make your own library plugin, dont bother Render Legion), can be discarded (GPU/CPU hybrid rendering => come one guys, we all know thats not gonna happen and there are plausible reasons for that), can be easily be worked around (Why the need for a decal system? Just put a composite map into the diffuse, or use a mix material, then set your bitmap to not tile and to a unique UV ID. Then unwrap that with a unique UV Map modifier...) or plain ridiculous (Why even bother with in viewport rendering? I dont get how in a professional setting that would be benefitial...).

The edge map however is not so easily replaced. And it has real production value!
So, I literally beg you to please make our lives easier by adding something along thiose lines.
Object outlines, plus creases where to objects are stuck into eachother and an option on how thick those lines are in relation to the resolution.
That would be awesome to have, thank you!

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