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Good timing. I have just updated the internal tasks for this today (selectors for both LightMix and post-processing/tone mapping settings). Unfortunately, at this time we are dealing with many other issues, so we cannot promise anything. But it's definitely logged.

(Report ID=CRMAX-652)

(Report ID=CRMAX-653)
OK, thanks anyway for your feedback, Maru :)

Good morning,

Anyone, please ?


I was wondering if there were any chance to get some polishing in the VFB presets for Tone Mapping:
- ability to define a presets path, like for LUTs
- then getting a dropdown list, listing the presets in the defined path, thus making it easier to navigate, like for LUTs

What do you guys think ?

Thank you :)

Will the updated material converter convert 3dsmax's Physical Material to Corona?
Models that I bring in from other Architectural apps default to that. It's such a pain to manually convert them all. Even if it just copied the bitmap paths over to the diffuse channel, I can set the rest of the settings.


Hi NicolasC, Have you tried it? Im asking because im using Batch IT max  and 3dsmax freezes every 40 or 50 files.. and you need to close max and restart..
Hello :)
Yes, I've tried it, but not with many many files, only with let's say 10 or 20, and that works perfectly.


LibraryTrackRelink by Pixamoon will help you with that ;) you should give it a try !

I really need to be able to generate LightMix as a prerender script ...
Hello Paulkapil08,
Yes, so did I, and Clemens_at helped me with that ! you can find enclosed the script ;)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Device or resource busy bug
« on: 2021-04-19, 10:32:33 »

Thanks for reporting this, we have already fixed this issue in the v7 daily builds.


(Internal ID=591961402)
Great news ! thanks :)

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Device or resource busy bug
« on: 2021-04-13, 17:11:22 »

Same problem here suddenly occurs now, when rendering with IR or production ... first time I see that, with this scene or with Corona ! using 3dsmax 2021.3 & Corona v6 hf1.
Uploaded the scene on your uploader, scene name: / support ticket #199639.

Thanks a lot.


Good evening Frood :)

Hmmm that doesn't sounds good for me apparently ... I really need some more automation to smooth my workflow as much as possible. In a nutshell, I use Pulze Scene Manager (& Render Manager FYI) as batch rendering tool, and I really love it, so I need to optimize LightMix creation to avoid too many layers, when my camera is in another area for example, or simply for different furniture arrangements. Obviously, I'd rather avoid splitting this in different scenes, too bothering for me and not very efficient IMHO.
I hope Corona guys will see this subject and will have something to propose :)

Anyway, thanks for trying to help,

Good night :)

Ok, thanks, but that's not the specific area I search MXS access for ;)
More about LightMix setup, like enclosed screenshot.
BTW @clemens_at, I answered you by PM.

I need a prerender script that will generate LightMix with only visible lights, removing the previous LightMix setup.

No one ?
I really need to be able to generate LightMix as a prerender script ...

Thanks :)

Salut Romuald :)

La vache ... oups, sorry ... very nice work, congratulations ! I particularly love the close-up shots, amazing ...

By curiosity, who did you ask for partnership ? I may have something for you ;)

Keep up the great work !


🔰This script has been updated to version 1.30

🟠 more info and download link:

also, the first post has been updated with the download link.

## Version 1.30
- 04/06/2021

### Added

- Compatibility with Corona Renderer 7, 6, and 5.
- Tested on 3dsMax 2022 and 2021.
- New Setup using MZP package file.

### Fixed

- Converting long path to short path for config files. (the issue that causes error and compatibility issue with corona 5 and above)

### Updated

- Now no need to define a config file. You may add 2,1 or even no config file.

### Note

- In previous versions, you need to define both LightMix or Post Process config files even if those were the same.

Wow thanks a lot !!

EDIT: I made a little donation afterwards, I forgot to do it at first download ;)

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