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Hi, hope you all doing fine! :)

I'm working with Chaos Scatter in Corona 9 (C4D 2023) and I try to use the Scatter for some small parts / thin stripes on my ground plane.
Because of the nice stuff the Scatter comes with, including the Include / Exclude with Splines and also the Edge Trimming I somehow hoped that this setup would be enough to scatter the plants, without having to cut out little islands out of my big ground plane to spawn the plants on. But it seems like - internally - Chaos Scatter deploys instances for the whole object which results in crashes if I'm overdoing the Instances / cm². Camera clipping is on, the viewport only shows me preview objects inside my spline but yeah - it crashes. If I use a way smaller ground object everything works fine. :)

Am I missing something there or is it a technical limitation I'm not aware of? For now it works like every other Scatter plugin I've tried - really hoped that I can get rid of that tedious work.

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