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2023-09-04, 07:03:20


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Hi all,

I am creating an animation where I want to adjust the visibility of an object from 100% down to 0% over the course of a dozen or so frames.

If I was using native C4D renderer's, I would use the "Display" tag and keyframe visibility using opacity slider. But because I'm using Corona, this function only works more as on on/off function, and doesn't support fade transitioning.

Is there another method I can use, using some sort of a Corona Tag? Any help would be great. Cheers!
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2023-09-04, 11:25:20
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You can animate its material "opacity" value.

2023-09-04, 13:30:56
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If it is of any help you can also use Xpresso (Set Driver / Set Driven) to "sync" the material's opacity value with the one in the tag. That way you can use the tag to control the material. It can be handy sometimes.
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