Author Topic: v10 unusual crashes while rendering  (Read 1815 times)

2023-08-10, 17:43:22
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the freezes i get in animation seem to be connected with texture loading.

as soon i deactivate the used texture path, there is no freeze,
when i reactivate it(in c4d refs /files) it freezes again after around 20 frames.

this only happens in Corona render, not on other renders on same hardware, so it must be some issue with corona, texture loading and animation.
any idea from Corona stuff, any i can do or test more?

pls help, i need to animate things in corona, otherwise i need to switch to another renderer for animations, which i prefer not to.

2023-08-10, 21:48:39
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i have a 11 gb dump file created from task manager. shall i send this to the corona team?

please for answers, this is quite a problem sadly for me, hope ti can get solved


2023-08-11, 09:46:52
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Hi Stefan,

Please feel free to send it in. The link can be found in my signature below. Thanks in advance.
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