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2022-01-07, 17:04:06


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I know, I know the two pieces of software are not intended to do the same thing, still, I feel like CORONA and VRAY are just approaching archviz in such a stupid way it's hard not to comment.
I love corona render. When it came out it was a breadth of fresh air compared to VRAY.

I've switched jobs and I'm working for an architecture firm that solely uses enscape. There are key issues, like a painful material library, a definite loss of quality, shit view management, little uv controls, to name a few, but I can see why our firm uses this software.
1- It plugs in very well with revit - I have my revit view and my enscape view open in another window. This means less bugs from revit to 3ds, and, of course, not having to deal with 3ds. This is key as we want to render throughout the entire design.
2 - The speed is incredible - it is almost real time.
3- Theres a wealth of easily accessible and easy to place assets.
4- The material integration between revit and enscape, though imperfect is going in the right direction. Soon the material libraries will merge.
5- It has a much much easier learning curve, though that comes with a lack of key controls.
6- Its sun and sky system is easy and intuitive, though it could have several more options.

Taking all this into account, there's no way a firm should use a revit-3ds corona pipeline - espeically not with large complex models.
What frustrates me is that there really doesn't seem to be a revit - corona pipeline ( and the vray one is severely lacking as well)
A lot of the issues described above have nothing to do with the core capacities of the engine, they are pipeline choices that keep emphasising obsolete archviz pipelines that require 3ds or C4d to anchor the process.
This si antitethical to where the entire architecture industry and BIM want to head towards. Sure, some high end rendering firms  can take the extra time to add these steps, but as of last month, we don't outsource our renders anymore. Not worth the lack of control, and we can get 80% of the way there in terms of quality, without paying them to rebuild the model. Not to mention we have much more control and can more quickly react to changes in the model and materials. 

Future software would
1- have strong revit dual screen integration and material intergration
2- connect intuitively to a significanlty upgraded cosmos library - like why is this library still shit... corona and vray shine with high level assets.
3- Have simplified sun - daylight controls (really a huge asset for such a small addtion)
4- Have a simplified user interface (Advanced and Simple) that can compete with the ease of enscapes interface.
5- Utilise the almost realtime engine provided by the corona IR - I mean corona IR on the next gen threadripper should do the trick.

Enscape made some smart choices, but I still believe the core engine behind corona to be better.  I want 90% of enscapes ease of use with revit and Coronas 200% better renders and material creation. Why are you letting this new piece of software eat your lunch. WHY THE FUCK aren't you building plugins for archicad or revit, the actual BIM software. 3ds and C4d are not part of this industry. Isn't archviz a massive (if not the largest) piece of your revenue.
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2022-01-08, 12:58:46
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I suggest doing atleast some research next time before making such a clueless rant.

2022-01-08, 18:46:34
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I suggest doing atleast some research next time before making such a clueless rant.

I'm new to all of this. Could you please elaborate?

2022-01-10, 00:24:20
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appreciated :)

UE5 suits my taste

2022-01-11, 08:45:44
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2022-01-11, 09:27:29
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bahah, this was oddly perfectly timed rant.

I'm very happy for Chaos with this news... No idea what it really means, but I'm sure down the line we'll all benefit from it.
Nicolas Pratt
Another Angle 3D

2022-01-11, 09:54:02
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true. impeccable timing.
Marcin Piotrowski

2022-01-11, 18:25:37
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'Damn...he's right.  Get Enscape on the phone!'  -Team Chaos

2022-01-12, 08:57:19
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Good news I guess? :)

I was on my way here to open a discussion about this myself...

I work at an interior design firm and the drive for the past couple of years has been to get users onto Revit.
Last year I saw a big push from some of the technical team to use Enscape.
I have never been a fan of Enscape or Lumion because the quality just isnt there and the flexibility is just not anywhere close to Max , as far as I know anyways....

So this article popped up in my team chat this morning , and I wonder if we should feel threatened as 3d visualisers using just Max and Corona renderer...Does it take power away from us who are able to create high end photographic visuals with Corona , if now a Revit user can do the same with Enscape and a more advanced render engine backing it ?

I suppose we will have to see where it goes but I dont know whether to be worried or excited

2022-01-12, 10:52:01
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I think any development like this will continue to push creativity and artistry in our field - for the same reason that professional photographers still exist even though everyone has an amazing camera in their phone.

...or CGI artists will all move to selling NFTs if clients dry up 😂

2022-01-21, 05:43:34
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Talk about a well?  timed angry late night rant. nice to see it clearly got the chaos team s attention.

And this wasn’t just an opinion. How else can a company that’s only 4 years old merge on equal footing with an industry standard- especially when the latter has not one , but two arguably better core engines? Because enscape made the right ui and pipeline decisions. It actually listened to a massive and underserved customer base and gave them what they needed.

 Corona and vray had a decade to develop a half-decent drag and drop library of assets for revit. They had almost a decade to properly connect to real BIM software. Instead they focused on tweaking their engine( which is likely much harder) - ignoring the fact that architects everywhere were clamouring for a pipeline that didn’t require dealing with 3ds shit. A pipeline that took into account the mass of bim models and the need for non-linear workflows. As I previously ranted, years of poor decisions allowed enscape to eat their lunch.

P.s. Gracekelly bellyflop.
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2022-01-21, 14:36:56
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Talk about a well?  timed angry late night rant. nice to see it clearly got the chaos team s attention.

yes, we read it and got on phone with enscape ASAP, deal was closed by the evening, announced in the morning. Thank you ;).
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