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skin material problem


Hi there,
I try to use skin material on a full body mesh from DAZ3D OBJ export.
To make the shader, I used this tutorial :
My problem is the shader or/and the texture doesn't match and "borders" are visible as in screen shot linked.

Do you have any idea about that ?

Thanks a lot to those who can help me !
Best regards !

Well, I just found another topic here about the same problems :

Somebody seems to find a way to resolve the problem by changing UV Tiling mode to UDIM and interpolation to Bilinear Faster in the Picture Shader Tab. But a new problem has come : I cannot find UV Tiling option in the Shader Tab ???

Has somebody know where is it ?

Thank you !


UV Tiling appears in the Corona Bitmap shader. By default, the Cinema 4D Shader Bitmap is activated for the bitmap. There is no this option in it. Therefore, you need to add the Corona Bitmap shader in the node editor, set it to UDIM and attach the first bitmap for the character there.

Hello Arte,
Thank you for your answer, I will tried to test what you suggest as soon as possible.
Cheers !


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