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Lightmix compositing in After Effects


Hello. I have a question about compositing, or rather about what layers do I need.

I exported lightmix in diferent layers, lets say 3 lights, then c4d exported the full lightmix file, the rgba file and the complete Dragon.exr.

Compositing lets say I want every light at 30 percent. what layer should I have as the base layer that is iluminated? Because just adding all lightmix layers leaves me without the textures.
Do I need a layer just with color? would that be a beauty pass? how do I render it?

Sorry if im not explaining myself very well.
Thanks for any help.

You just take all LightSelect render elements, stack them in any order, and set them to linear add operation. If you want one layer to be less intensive, you just reduce its opacity.

Thank you. Yes I hadnt configure Ae correctly to linear workflow, so I wasnt getting the right result and I thought I was missing some layer.

Thanks for the help!

@luckstrik383 I'm a curious as to your AE settings for 3D rendered files. I've struggled getting this right in the past. What did you figure out?


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