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Hi, I'm new to this forum and just recently started using Corona for Cinema 4d. I Found a free scene on the internet to see how it works and I use for free materials and so far so good. The renders look AMAZING. Also watching a lot of tutorial to try to understand everything better, but I can't seem to figure this out on my own. I render one frame at 3500x2100 on a i7 7000k, 8GB DDR4 2400mhz RAM and the render takes 8 hours. I would really like to render the frames faster. I tried with decreasing the pass limit from 200 to 180 and than to 160 and 120, seems like 150-160 is good enough after that I don't see to much of a difference.

My question is, can someone tell me what can I change on my render settings to render the image faster. I will test it out, see how much quality is suffering and how much time I gain.

Thank you, I really appriciate it.

Image is attached.

Basically, there's not much to suggest based on info supplied, just: "Do your homework." :)

For starters:
How can we help you today? (@ Corona Renderer Helpdesk for Cinema 4D plugin)
>>> What are the best settings?

About your Q, get to find your "Noise Limit" sweet spot ;)

I think at least posting an image of your scene would go a long way to getting feedback. For all we know, you're rendering a shelf filled with 200 glasses of wine with the liquid. That's a lot of reflection, refraction, SSS and caustics that would bring most computers to their knees. Also, at this point, an i7 is not a speed demon when it comes to rendering.

Of course a scene file is even better, but i understand if it's a large file or you have privacy concerns. The Corona devs upload system can handle large files and they will keep your privacy, but would most likely provide advice on optimizing your scene.


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