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How to use UDIM tiles in Corona?

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hi - I am trying to use UDIM tiles in Corona but not sure how to set this up. I know there is this UV-Tiling section in the Bitmap Shader, but how do I load several Maps into it? Which Mode setting would I need to use (in this case I have 2 tiles on 1001 & 1002). What is the File Pattern slot for?
I cannot find any description for this in the corona help....

This sounds like C4D's Multi-Shader tool. NOT Corona's multishader as this is more like the Variation Shader.
Does this look like what you're trying to do? You could add a tile as a mesh to a Cloner, then utilize the Multi Shader to have different textures randomly dispersed throughout your grid of clones.

thanks for your reply! But I am not looking a random dispersion - I probably described that badly in my post.
I simply wanted to use UDIM workflow with Corona, which I haven't done before. My understanding was, that C4d cannot handle UDIM tiles, but Corona is able to do so. I thought this would work somehow with the settings in the UV-Tile settings in the bitmap shader.
But I have learned meanwhile that you can assign & distribute the UV tiles simply with C4d selection-tags and the Texture-tags (tiling off & offset to 100%).

I would still be curios to know what these UV-Tile settings (mode: UDIM) in the bitmap shader are made for...

& There's a plugin support for Corona: UDIM Importer ($49)

yes - looks like a cool plugIn if you do a lot UDIM stuff...


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