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Animated Noise Texture for water movement


Hi I am trying to use the displacement channel in a Corona material to add an animated noise texture. I want the noise to animate and act as moving water like waves. I can do this very easy in cinema 4d`s standard renderer. All I have to do is turn up the animation speed in the noise channel. This doesn't show any movement when I do it in Corona. Please help, thank you!


did you do a full render of the animation? I have noticed that Interactive Rendering has some issues when displaying animation speed on a noise and scrubbing through the timeline (which I will pass on to the developers, thank you), however, final render with various values to Animation speed worked correctly in changing the displacement (in the latest daily build from 31-12-2020).

See attached video for proof.


Awesome this is great to know, I will check it out and do a test render. Thank you!

I can concur that the Interactive Viewport and the Interactive Render window both do not update a material with Displacement properly. When you turn them on, all displacement is shown correctly. As soon as you change anything, the displacement is way off. The actual rendering is fine though. Either Render in window or render to picture viewer is fine. HOWEVER, if you use the Displacer deformer and put whatever your displacement source is in there, everything updates as expected!

Another bit of advice, since I don't know your level of C4D knowledge, is have you used the Water Shader that's built into C4D? It does a nice job with waves and has a few settings you can adjust. You can find it in the Surfaces menu toward the bottom of the Shader menu when you're setting up your material. I posted a small test render I just did using this shader. Hope this helps.

Have you tried this? This is the most realistic water deformer system for C4D, without doing an actual simulation. It's the Hot4D plugin using Houdini technology. I haven't been able to get it to run on my r20 yet on Mac, but it's supposed to work.

A quick update on this topic. I installed the latest daily build Dec 31 2020 20:28:34, Version: 7.0 daily Dec 31 2020 (Mac Catalina, C4D r20). Good and bad results. In the previous daily build, when you changed a setting and any interactive window updated, it would look completely different with most of the displacement gone. Only stopping the render and restarting would fix this.

Now with this version, the displacement updates correctly for a single frame, but NOT with animated displacement. I let the IR and Interactive Viewport render frame one of the previously attached animation. I then went to the last frame and let it render. I placed these two image on top of each other in Photoshop and they look identical. To confirm this, I switched the top layer mode to Difference. Any pixel that is the same will turn black. The image went completely black. No change.

I think this information is already known the Devs, but if I send them a file, I will.



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