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Material Name shows up in Work space / how to get rid of?



I sometimes have the problem that a material name - in this case "ETERNIT" - is linked to the workspace window. I send you a screenshot, it is shown in the top left window. Do you know how I can remove it?


No idea what that is, but pretty sure it will be a C4D thing not a Corona thing. Have you checked C4D documentation?

I've had this too but for "choose renderer". I was testing someone's scene so I assume there was some kind of HUD display activated there (or similar). I'm not entirely sure what it is either. 

Aha, usually it's HUD text... so place cursor over, left click & "Remove" it.

You can put any property (w/ controls) on HUD.
Simply drag & drop it where you please. (CTRL/command + L-click to move it around.)

quite handy having controls w/in interactive viewport (lights especially ;)
but it's bit less stable compared to IR :(


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