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How to get the move tool to appear in a zoomed-in view


I have a question about the move tool (red green and blue arrows). Sometime it is outside the frame of a detailed (zoomed in) area where I am looking.  Can I get it to come into, snap it into, that zoomed-in area?  Or do I always have to zoom out, find it, and work with it from outside that view??  Thank you.

For example see screen shots below.  I want to move the base into correct position on the left corner, but the move tool is way over on the right end, have to zoom out to see it.

Hi, If you enable snapping and axis modifications, you should be able to click anywhere in the scene and the axis will follow. Just remember to disable axis modification after. Short video attached.

Beansvision:  Thank you very much for the custom video!  I have looked at it a couple of times and am going to try it on a file soon.   

It's no problem at all, I hope it helps!


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