Author Topic: VFB History - Fast Preview Denoiser  (Read 242 times)

2020-07-31, 00:04:58


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When using the Fast Preview Denoiser in the VFB, would it be possible to store the denoised image - as it appears in the VFB - in the History, i.e. store current VFB?

At the moment, a non-denoised image is stored in History(?)

2020-08-01, 23:31:37
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Same for C4D please!


2020-08-03, 15:46:01
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Is this about IR, regular rendering, or both?

We have something similar logged:
When using the VFB history tab with optix denoiser enabled (for both regular render and IR), the snapshot saved from regular rendering will show optix denoising as expected, but the snapshot saved from IR will not show the optix denoising.

(Internal ID=411827048)