Author Topic: Custom watermark on IR?  (Read 1226 times)

2020-07-05, 14:09:04

Dalton Watts

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Don't know if it has been asked before but is it possible to have a custom watermark checkbox on IR? It would be super useful and a huge timesaver to send tests to clients without the hassle of inserting it on photoshop.

2020-07-05, 15:10:21
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A temporary quick "hack"
What about placing a plane with your watermark texture somewhere in front of the camera ?
You can even link it with the camera so wherever you move the camera - the "watermark" will stay put.
And you can make the plane self illuminating and set it to be disabled from GI calculations or from casting and receiving shadows.

2020-07-06, 17:08:58
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