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2020-04-16, 11:07:17


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Corona Render Elements Manager

Script Description :

This script is made to automatically add and manage all Corona Render Elements faster.
The script check if CoronaRenderer is installed and switch to the right Renderer (You can't use this script without CoronaRenderer)
The Default selection is made for basic composition.

Key features :

You can adjust directly ZDepth and AO max distance Value in the interface with a spinner.
This script add automatically Light_ENV (It's a LightSelect with "Include Environement light" turn ON) and a Light_SUN (Create a LightSelect with Sun if there is a Sun into the scene) when you add LightMix element.

Preview :

Result of default selection.

Usage :

You need CoronaRenderer Installed !!
"Caustics" checkbox is enable from Corona 4
"Turn ON / OFF" Button : Turn On or OFF All checkbox
"Reset" button : Reset All checkbox to Default
"Delete Existing" button : Delete All Existing Render Element in setup panel
"Delete all existing Render Elements !" Checker : Delete ALL existing Render Elements when you click on ADD

Install :

- Drag and Drop into your viewport
- Open Custumize -> Custumize User Interface...
- Open Toolbar Tab- Find into "# Scripts" category
- Drag and Drop the script into your interface
- DONE !!

Updates :

v1.02 - UI Bug Fix
v1.01 - MacroScript Creation
v1.00 - Initial launch (MaxScript)

Additionnal Infos :

Script tried on 3dsmax 2018 and Corona 3 - 4 - 5
Contact me at to do feedbacks, will be great for the community !!​​


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