Author Topic: Need advice from experienced people how to make render better  (Read 2173 times)

2020-02-19, 08:13:49
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Tons of progress since the original post, good job! My main issue is with the camera angles - they are a bit challenging.

2020-02-19, 10:13:23
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I agree, improvement is very evident. One thing that puzzles me - how do you get to the bathroom?
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2020-02-19, 18:25:59
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Thanks for the replies and feedback very much! :)

@cjwidd, well the camera angles and resolution, I agree that it could be better, it's the first time. What do you mean by challenging? What angles do you like and which you don't? :)

But, it's very small, I don't know for now how would I make better camera angles without hiding the objects. Except for the "kupatilo" render, that is terrible, I just rendered it to finish the project.
I tried to encompass all in the camera view, cause it's a tiny - 16 square meters - but to also leave the bad parts. Still, a very newbie when it comes to cams.
 I could have, though, rendered only the sofa and only the work area without hiding the objects. But, that view from the window to interior shows it all. I wouldn't know how to make many professional angles, maybe I could have make straight angles from the back (upper wall from the top view to the inside of the interior) that would look more organized with straight lines, but I would have got another pic. Who knows.
I posted it in some FB group where people who like that style of living gather, and they are thrilled. But, that is minimalism. They love everything in that style of architecture.
There are many things that could be improved besides the renders, though.
Beveling/chamfering the straight edges of the object, i.g... maybe even editing the part where are the shelves. Adding some photos, etc. And pictures after the kitchen desk is pulled out and before it is pulled out - cause it is on the convertible mechanism. Right now it is rendered with the pics where the desk is pulled out.

Heh, you see the sofa and the door? Actually, the sofa is attached to the door (sofa has four balls underneath and the door have also two balls underneath), so you just take the hand of the door and move it towards the entrance - it's sliding mechanism with the balls.
In order to get to the bathroom, one would need to detach the convertible mechanism of the kitchen desk.
That's like super minimalistic design, but the fridge and other tools (some that I haven't included, cause washing machine was set to be in another part of the object e.g.) are real - size dimensions. Many possibilities. There was an option even to include the double bed mattress on the convertible mechanism which would be placed in the closet. Nex time. :)