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I am creating simple packshots on white background with shadow and reflection.  I have tried shadow catcher with pure white diffuse in the sky object.  The problem is that the white plain object is now 'blowing out' my object.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.

maybe a corona compositing tag on the sky object with only "seen by camera" ticked on, everything else  ticked off might help. I assume the pure white diffuse sky is only there to provide the white background?

Nejc Kilar:
You can try and help yourself with the "Corona Tonemap Control" Shader perhaps. Not sure I understand you correctly but might be worth a shot as you can negate the effect of the Exposure on the material that way.

Thanks for both reply's,  I will try both these methods to see if I get a decent result.  I did try the c4d copositing tag but the results were not as expected.  I will post some screenshots when I get round to it.


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