Author Topic: Corona Converter fails on VRay lights that have a directional parameter  (Read 547 times)

2019-05-08, 09:59:17


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Good morning all,

I seem to have a consistent error when running the Corona Converter. Any VRay lights that have a directional value of less than 1.0 cause an error and don't get converted. Easily fixed by turning the value back to 1.0 and then running the converter again, then popping it back on the converted Corona light. But as Corona lights have a directional value there seems to be a mismatch when converting.

Can his be looked at please? Or is there an alternative?

3dsmax 2018
Corona Converter v1.42

Thanks in advance

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2019-05-20, 11:25:53
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Hi, I am unable to reproduce it here but I'm also still on vray 3.6 - so I suspect that it's something in Next or in some older vray version. Which version are you using and can you save me a max file with a light where it happens?

[edit] posting the complete error message or log could also help
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