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cinema 4d macos error sun but windows not


hello everyone.
i am mac users and i using cinema4d with corona usually.
and sometimes i am using cinema 4d for windows.

corona sun is working good on windows it is ok but on macOS not working.
on mac for sun light i am using hdri fake sun with cinema 4d under corona setting in environments.
my corona license is educational licance both systems.
and installed cinema 4d r20.
but i have this problem on r19 bothmacos.
i have macOS computer Mac Pro late 2013 models.

after then i checkup and i thinked maybe my macpro system not good working.

and i have MacBook Pro late 2016 macos system.
and there i have this problem like macpro.

after that i think coronas on macosx system not working good.
now i am thinking this problem on macs.
and this problem on

with macs other renders plugin working good with sun light no problem.

i attaching my 9:50 minutes videos .
if you have any idea please help me.

and i want the learn mac users is having any problem like this.

example scenes i will upload on this link.
for answers thank you very much.
screenshoots videos.
cinema 4d folders.

Thanks for uploading your scene and vid. We'll check them out. This issue had been reported in the past and I will also add your scene to the report. Once we have more info, we'll update you. Thanks!

Thankyou very much. We will wait for new updates.

Hello, are you able to test out the latest dailybuild and let me know if you're still having issues?


Since we're talking about the differences between Mac and windows,
I would like to know if it would be possible to have the denoiser in real time like on Windows? I know the Nvidia cards are not otpimized for Mac osx but it has all the latest technology, so why doesn't it work under Mac Osx?

See my configuration below

Thanks !


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