Author Topic: Corona distance map + corona scatter for recessed lights  (Read 459 times)

2019-04-19, 15:13:20


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I recently had a project where i had to place a ton of recessed ceiling and wall lights in a modell, but i din't really want to modify the existing modell as the lights might change in the future.
I realized i can all do this with the corona distance map a helper object and corona scatter. I thought it was a great idea and i was banging my head against the wall because why i haven't tought about this earlier????!!!!

First i made a distribution spline for my 3 corona scatter elements. The first one was for the lamp geometry. The second was my helper object for "cutting the hole" and the third was a corona light. Each element int their separate CSatter element with the same settings. If i wanted to get real fancy i could ad a few extra elements to boolean the recessed parts.
I connected the distance map to the opacity channel of the walls material and set the inside color to white and then picked up the corona scatter element and everything was ready.

Because of this setup i could adjust the lights properties and most importantantly introduce a slight variation in shape, direction, and light with a corona multimap conected to the light.

I was really happy with my discovery so i wanted to share it. :-) Hope i could help a few people with this tip.
After some research i discovered Hrvoje Čops blog post about all the other usefull things.

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2019-04-19, 16:10:15
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Always awesome to hear how people are using the Distance Map! It is surprisingly powerful, and there really is no end to how it can be used, especially when you start thinking outside the box. Thanks for sharing!

2019-04-19, 16:37:02
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Nejc Kilar

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Really useful info, thanks for sharing! :)

2019-04-19, 16:38:32
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Great idea you had. I usually place those kinds of elements with Railclone, but I never thought of using the Distance map to cut the hole when you really need them to be really coplanar.

Thanks a lot for sharing.