Author Topic: Condensation - the hero sweat shot  (Read 4474 times)

2018-08-30, 09:33:18
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Scattering droplets will have a different feel as the sweaty condensation type Caspian is after. I've only did this on glass where I simply put a condensation normals map in the bump slot of the material that I've used on outside of the bottle. I've tried to make a copy of the outside mesh of the bottle and have a separate water material with a normal map for the condensation and alpha for transparancy but that gave a lot of artefacts. Deadlines were quite close, so I had to fake it till I made it :)

It would be a lot better to have the condensation and glass separate though, so I'm curious in this solution too..

Redeemer, am I understanding right that in your render I'm looking at bumpy glass/label, and not water on the glass? The reflections don't seem right if it was if it was water.

Yes. I didn't had the time to figure out why it didn't work with a double mesh for the outside (one for the glass, one for the condensation). I will make a simple setup for testing that, if we don't succeed maybe some of the Corona guru's here can help us with that.

Personally I'm not too keen on that Spritz thing, it looks too fake imho.