Author Topic: Highlight Compression Macros for Eyeon Fusion + Foundry Nuke  (Read 40604 times)

2015-01-04, 03:05:23
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I have to say big, huge thanks for the nuke script. Working preciously with 32bit exrs.

2015-02-08, 13:30:30
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For the guys here wanting to learn fusion, I first tried with Digital tutors, but it's a bit old, but I found that the CMI VFX tutorials are freaking great, you get an indeep overview of fusion with pratical examples that you can apply to your projects, and they are done with the latest release from Blackmagic.
They've been great for me.


2015-04-06, 12:45:07
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DeadClown, Thanks a lot for those two Fusion macros. They're very helpful!

2016-05-22, 18:24:10
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compare those two pictures. on the left corona frame buffer highilght compress/ on the right fusion script highlight compress.  why are these images so different if the code is the same?
maybe there is a bug in corona frame buffer, why corona canot give the same pretty result as fusion does?

2016-05-24, 10:15:42
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Did you save the image with a gamma of 1.0? It looks like that to me.

2016-08-30, 14:20:17
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i love filmic and coronahighlights in Fusion. i was trying to export them as a LUT. but the highlights get clipped. this is because the 32bit render is brighter than 1.0. is it possible to export a LUT that can work for tone mapping and very bright highlights?