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2017-10-25, 02:43:42


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Hi eveyone,

I have a question for the developers and I believe it would be interesting for other users as well to know the answer.

Since I'm moving to Corona and I'm about to update my main workstation, I've been wondering if the AVX-512 implementation in some processors will be used by Corona in the near future and how much difference could it make. Considering the price of hardware it would be useful to know if a performance gain is to be expected choosing one brand over the other. Thanks.

2017-10-25, 09:16:58
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Corona itself does not explicitly use AVX-512 (nor AVX for that matter). However we use Intel's Embree for ray casting, which is very well optimized for the latest CPU architectures/instruction sets (incuding AVX-512).

We already have few Skylake Xeon/i7 entries in our benchmark, so you can compare that to other CPUs yourself.