Author Topic: Improving Blender - videos by Andre Price  (Read 14112 times)

2014-02-11, 21:45:20
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I always has been wondering if they wasn't people paid to make blender or other software have creepy interface and keep most potential users away from it. Not even autodesk could afford as much people as open source community can gather, and provide in a breathe what studio obtains from 10 dev and sell for thousands $$.. never understood.

But I remind I tried it in early 2000's and it was a nightmare, even zbrush RC1 was making more sense while total alienoïd.

2014-03-26, 08:40:46
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So I`ve been working in Blender for a couple of months since last november and I have to say:

1. Blender has great modeling tools. Some of them are much better than Max one.
My latest WIP in Blender pic 8.jpg and 13.jpg. I`ll never started something complicated like this in Max, as well as the knitting patterns. In Max it`s too complicated to do that. In Blender - fast and intuitive.

2. Blender UI is more friendly than Max. Absolutely agreed with Ludvik.

3. You have in one compact, crossplatform package:
* As I mentioned above, powerful modeling tools
* Sculpting tools (Not as powerful as ZBrush, but look what it can do
* Rigging tools:

* Texture painting tools:
* Camera tracking:
* Postwork, animation, video editing mode... A lot of features, I can`t say something about the rest, I dont` work with them yet.

4. And yes. It`s free.
And it`s not the main parameter for me.

Blender is compact, multiplatform, intuitive and flexible software. And I feel that someday such UI as Modo`s or Blender`s one will rule CG world.

And I think that targeting Corona creation mostly for 3ds Max users it`s not the wisest solution. Today we can see a lot of modeling software, and many of them developing and grow. And Corona /in my opinion of course/ should be standalone application like Maxwell or Octane /my wet dreams :3/ - and no matter what modeling tool you use, you always can render everything with Corona.

All roads soft lead to Rome Corona.
Thanks for reading.
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