Author Topic: How to do a rainbow  (Read 2758 times)

2017-09-01, 20:42:45
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    • Joe Vallard
When I saw this thread, I actually tried making a rainbow using tiny drops of water and Corona's new dispersion, but failed.
Challenge accepted, anyone? ;)

Maybe a mini challenge thread might be a good idea?

As far as the rainbow goes, romullus's last render is pretty good. My only other idea is maybe just use a big plane and get creative with photoshop and mask, might be time consuming though.

2017-09-02, 21:21:28
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My client approved the rainbow I achieved and it would be really helpful to see if once I achieved the best fading in all senses, I could match the brightness and tones of each color band in order to get the maximum realism (if it's possible) .

Thank you very much to all of you.  :) :)