Author Topic: Render Legion and Corona Join Forces with Chaos Group  (Read 51304 times)

2017-08-25, 21:19:33
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Ludvik Koutny

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Was it Chaos group's fault guys, you think like that? Come on. I am waiting official announcement by Corona devs... But I am sad and i will post more about this.

There is already official announcement from Corona devs :)

And if you read closely, you will actually find implications that it was Render Legion's decision to initiate this thing :)

If Corona guys are the ones who have set this into motion, do you think they would do that if they thought it was a bad thing? Also, they negotiated it for over a year, it's not like it was a decision made overnight :)

2017-08-25, 21:29:49
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has anyone ever seen a big fish swallow a small one to turn it into a pearl?
i don't think so, a small fish always ends up being and even smaller turd ...

2017-08-25, 21:51:00
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sounds like sunshine and blue sky... but sorry, the reason a big company swallows a small one is very often to cancel out a competitor. we'll see what happens either the statements are true or corona will be gone in 1-2 years.
for me corona is? was? the biggest hope for a better render engine than vray. (waiting for the corona c4d) i would have preferred it to be independent! well now i will follow the development of corona c4d even more... i really hope too see the boost and not a decline...

2017-08-25, 22:05:23
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I'm shocked, outraged and first ande foremost: disappointed. Chaos Group is turning into another Autodesk, and these types of deals are NEVER good for the users. The strength of Corona (outside of the actual renderer) was its position as a challenger - a challenger that could push development and competition.

It was fun while it lasted. I assume we'll start seeing forced annual releases, without interesting features and jacked up prices. Looking forward to that new challenger appearing...


2017-08-25, 22:19:37
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hmm..... AutoChaos? or maybe ChaosDesk?


2017-08-25, 22:30:42
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I am almost sick. If Vray is the Autodesk of the rendering world no good will happen of this. I always root for the over performing underdog and the underdog just went to sleep with the grizzly bear.
I expect in a year to have to pay $1500  for a Corona license, or Corna dissolved and integrated into Vray.

2017-08-25, 22:36:49
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What will change is that anoher 0 will be added at the end of the subscription pricetag.

2017-08-25, 22:42:35
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I am truly disappointed. Say what you want about tools being just tools but corona had a fresh look and feel. Now I have the feeling this tech exchange with vray will lead to a sea of monotonous vray-corona hybrid renders. :(

2017-08-25, 22:47:06
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The first reason for people to get Corona, was to escape Vray! You just pissed off, all your user base! I can't beleive that. You guys had the potential to remove Vray from existence. But you've been borged.

2017-08-25, 23:10:26
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I cannot even express the huge dissapointment because of this news.

First of all, two competing products under the same umbrella... I won't even start to comment as I'm too angry now, but Softimage keeps coming into my mind. So is the disaster with the updates on Maya/3ds max.  Why would an inverstor/anyone pay money on two development teams for two competing products? Monopoly(or lack of competition) is the worst thing that can happen to the advancement of any products. Look at Intel, they've been doing 2% increase in performance with OUTRAGEOUS prices for years until AMD finally came with a serious competing product.

I'm curious if(when?) the phrase" You can buy our sister product for those features" will be heard soon :D

After working 7 years + with Vray, I was really glad moving to Corona in 2015 ( I should've done it sooner!). I actually had projects which I couldn't have finished on Vray. I decided to support Corona (because let's be honest, I could've gone the underground/free way) because I really liked the team, the atmosphere on the forums and it is a product very well made and Ondra and the rest really deserved all the help they needed. And the pricing was really fair!! I seriously cannot say the same stuff about V-ray pricing. Now I really feel like..the Starks bending the knee to the Lannisters.

I always liked small teams with great vision that can create something really good, in any industry. I like how Koenigsegg is teasing Ferrari and Lamborghini, even though they are much younger and smaller company. Competition is pushing things forward, bringing new ideas and pushing boundaries. V-ray couldn't do a damn decent Interative preview for AGES until Corona came in, which is one the main reasons that got me into switching. Years and years being stuck with V-ray with no revolutionary new ideas or huge improvement..Makes me sick only when I think on the splotches and all that shit IR and LC gave. And BF was impossible to use unless you owned your own powerplant and half of Intel's CPU-s. Then Corona came along and I was stunned I could use it on my old crapy i7920, IN REALTIME PREVIEW RENDERING! Now all this tech goes to the arrogance of V-ray and their stupid prices which didn't do anything revolutionary about it until Corona was a serious contender. I remember some posts, here or on Facebook, can't remember where, after Corona released the denoiser, someone said "I'm pretty sure what Vlado is starting to code tonight" Or somewhere long those lines.

It's a s*it day... As soon as I find an alternative I will have to leave Corona. I'm pretty sure pricing will rise in the future, and even if it won't happen, I simply cannot give my money to Chaos Group.

With Corona, it was the first time when I was actually trying to get involved with suggestions to improve the product and find bugs, even in my spare time, because, and I can't really explain this properly rationally, I wanted to help the Corona team as much as I could, mainly to be able to bitchslap V-ray a little bit for all the years being stuck with it with no huge improvement. This reminds me of a quote of my technical lead artist from my former company. Our main client was Philips, and sometimes it can be a very difficult client, and this guy told me "well, those are the comments. We are Philips' bitch, so they can bitchslap us when they want"

Ow well I guess it's all about the money in the end, and no pride and drive to be the king render engine.

Sooo what's Fstorm doing these days? still legal issues or something?

Also that thing written on the blog, history of bigger companies buying smaller ones, tells me to reserve my right to be extremely skeptical about it.

"Ondrej, Jaroslav and I feel like parents, and Corona is our baby" Well, you've just sold your baby...

2017-08-25, 23:16:31
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Guys, please stop the wave of hate, stay calm, and take a look at

Honestly, as long as the worst doesn't happen (phasing out of Corona), this is pretty awesome. Independent teams doing what they think is best for the customers while being able to share knowledge with who used to be their biggest competitor. The benefits of it are already being seen in the newest dailies for 1.7. I'm extremely excited to be able to render both corona and v-ray materials, lights, etc with either engine. That compatibility alone is worth it's wait in gold. Hours of time can be wasted converting materials and lights.

2017-08-25, 23:17:40
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I don't agree with the hate comments being sent, however I hope the developers understand that the fear of this is from the love that we have for this bit of incredible software that has been developed and indeed the community it has created. It's just something people do not want to see lost. I'm personally sure it wont be and hopefully this is just like how car manufacturers share technology which in turn helps to lower R&D costs and in the end gives consumers better cars while distinctively different enough to not feel as if you're just buying the same thing but with a different paint job. 

I'd personally be far more fear full if Corona was bought out by Autodesk...

I wish everyone involved the best of luck with this and the future for Corona is safe and ever improving! :)

2017-08-25, 23:24:32
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Very strange news:(((
But for me, as 10 years Vray user this something fuzzily////
I am very glad to see in Corona---- Vray Clipper/DMC/Some improvements for speed and memory usage/DR improvements and others Vray's facilities, than i used in Vray projects////
But I am very afraid that the absence of competition will make the development much, much lazier:)
This can be seen from the development of the same VRAY in last several years for the time of appearance on the market the Corona render////
How many beautiful and convenient things appeared in Vray in last year: Interactive Production render,------------- than waiting for loooong time :))/Light Mixer, ------------not so useful as in Corona/Resumable rendering/Progressive Sampler/Cryptomatte and etc.
And all thanks to Corona:)
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2017-08-25, 23:26:02
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I am truly disappointed. Say what you want about tools being just tools but corona had a fresh look and feel. Now I have the feeling this tech exchange with vray will lead to a sea of monotonous vray-corona hybrid renders. :(

R&D will be amazing from now on...

but I have the same feeling about this. Eventually there will be a slow merge of characteristics and features (with new price tags??) ...or two different applications for certain targets but one of them will just stay as the little baby brother of the other one ...Lele posted on the chaosg forum: "Want things quick, Corona, want to go deeper, V-Ray.", that would be a reality..... so much for making rendering fun again :c
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