Author Topic: Daily Builds 1.7  (Read 47322 times)

2017-10-31, 01:02:38
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it could be an issue related to windows firewall and security, I turned firewall off all my render nodes becuase it stood in the way on several nodes.

We are behind a hardware firewall, so firewall etc isnt enabled on the rendernodes.
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2017-10-31, 09:30:38
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So you don't have render nodes on the local network? We're definitely interested in details of any and all such "non-standard" setups so that we can make the DR a bit more universal in the future.

2017-11-05, 10:21:57
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I was hoping this would go away with 1.7 but the render settings block is is still being cropped on two projects today. resetting renderer fixes it until the render settings is open again then it is cut again. I have a 4K screen but setting it to 1920 still doesn't solve it. if you can fix it that would be great.