Author Topic: Saving CEXR without having to denoise again? (for LightMix usage)  (Read 858 times)

2017-03-07, 12:14:52


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I just had a project with 15 different LightSelect passes. I figured I could just send the job to my render node so I could continue working on my workstation. Load the cexr file when render was completed, play with the LightMix feature in full res and then save out a normal exr, tiff what ever to take in to photoshop for final touches.

Problem here is, that even though my node denoised all passes, I still have to denoise them all again when "resuming" the render on the workstation to get to play with the lightmix. Normally it wouldn't be a problem and I could just turn off denoise on the render node job and denoise on the workstation, but for a complex project like this it would be sweet to be able to just let the render node / farm take care of the denoising.

Is this possible in some way or is it a feature request?

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2017-03-15, 17:31:19
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I am not sure if I get this correctly.
You would basically want to grab denoised lightselect elements from the external nodes/farm in a form of CEXR, load them on some other workstation, and play with lightmix, right?