Author Topic: Time to ditch sRGB/Linear as default (?)  (Read 57410 times)

2020-01-15, 02:10:27
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Sure here you have the whole pack xD Just use Log and you will get the exact same result as in the famous video xD

Usually you need to increase the exposure in order to get proper midtones.


Adanmq, the false colour LUT you provided seems like a really useful tool, although I am not sure about how the color is being mapped - must it also be applied in Log color space?

2020-03-06, 11:19:50
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It would not be buttons, just one button. The point here is not to have a set of presets for everyone pick. The point here is completely different. Fundamentally changing what we perceive as default image.

Right now, we perceive linear sRGB as the default, the start line, and we then work with some parameters to bring that sRGB close to photo-realism. We manually have to twist some knobs in order to take a picture, which by default is not realistic to our eyes, and using some controls, turn it into image that our eyes perceive as photorealistic. So why not just skip this process and have renderer(s) by default output same ranges as cameras do. If you take a picture with your camera, you don't tweak it to look more photorealistic, because it already is a photo, it is realistic. You tweak just mood using some artistic controls. There's no significant reason why renderer should not work the same way. Not by having a dropdown where you can pick numerous response curves, and one of them is called photorealistic, but instead by having it defaulting to a camera, with an option to switch to a very special mode, which will make your output less realistic, but compose-able in post.

This is not just discussion about some feature design. This requires some out of the box thinking, some thinking about future of CG imagery in general. You can't really perceive it properly if your mind stays in the bounds of regular established workflows.

THIS. this is what it all boils down to, simple clear and straight to the point
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