Author Topic: Team render is using al lot of memory when using still image rendering  (Read 2496 times)

2016-04-27, 13:45:03


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   Hi we have been testing team render after A5.1 release

Now when we not using multipass team render looks working.

It renders too dark image only but when we set the gamma 2.2 in picture viewer image looks same

on the other hand when the render start everything looks normal but when passes are increasing at the same time RAM usage is increasing and not stoping until all ram finishing and after that machine(server) is stopping to render pass we are not sure other clients continue rendering or not

Generally it is easy to render still image with team render uisng not a complex scenes it can render it witouth finishing the Ram limit but when we use complex scenes Main machine wery early stopped and render is very slow

Another interesting thing is C4d cannot purge the memory when we stopped the render  and closing the project also not helped us only we must close C4d aplication than windosw uses Ram normally