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Is it possible to make a caustic from Direct light in the PT+HD mode?
Now the direct light does not pass through the glass material (solid), well, what about the crystal chandeliers, where direct light must pass through the glass elements?
Or caustic should always be considered separately, the photons?

Resolved feature requests / CoronaBlendMtl
« on: 2013-03-04, 08:20:57 »
It was cool to have a CoronaBlend material, such as VrayBlendMtl(also additive shellac mode).
A very useful feature that greatly enhance the ability of rendering!

Resolved bugs / Abnormal Light Sampling
« on: 2013-03-02, 09:52:35 »
Maybe you know about this issue, so I'll describe it anyway.
Sampling problem in light of the CoronaLight when the scene has CoronaSky and MeshLight.
This is a serious problem that now limits the use of different types of Lights together.

When exporting to a proxy, destroyed blend material or UVW. Mask blend material has a 2 channel UVW!

Gallery / IBL test
« on: 2013-02-25, 17:09:16 »
Hi! Only HDRI lighting.

Gallery / Small bedroom for friends)
« on: 2013-02-24, 20:17:50 »
Small bedroom for friends. Here I used a small displacement to the carpet, pillows and mattress and I love how it works!

Dayli Update from 24.02.2013 - HD cache not working (ver 2013) or in principle does not work secondary solver.  In Progressive mode.

Resolved bugs / smoothing bug
« on: 2013-02-22, 12:07:33 »
The scene is simple, material - simple, no reflections. One light - spherical corona light. All by default. This has already been discussed or is it a bug?

I want to show a comparative test of two renderers, vray and corona.
The interior is very dark and a little direct light, so there is a big load on the GI calculation (Primary and secondary).
I was not able to achieve high-quality rendering of Vray, using for the primary bounces Irradiance Map.
In niches on the walls was always dirty. To avoid this, we would have to do a lot of fake, that to me is not acceptable.
So the only way left for the primary bounces use of Brute Force engine with more subdivs (70), because of this highly risen render time.
I tried the same set up shaders and direct lighting.
In the end, as you will see, the render time Corona is much smaller than the Vray and better quality and realism.
With this example I want to show that the Corona is better vray, even in alpha stage!

Sorry for my bad English!

Resolved bugs / Material Editor update bug
« on: 2013-02-06, 17:35:45 »
HI! After applying this procedure, a slot which moved the map is not updated, you need jump to level up and come back to have been updated.

Gallery / small apartment
« on: 2013-02-02, 17:33:06 »
All pic render to 150 pass, 1 hour 20 min, notebook - 70 pass - 30 min

Resolved bugs / Noise in the reflection (alpha 3)
« on: 2013-01-31, 07:48:26 »
Hi! In pure reflection without glossy, light becomes noisy

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